C2 Epoxy

C2 Epoxy

Acid-resistant grout and tile adhesive

  • For grouting and bonding of ceramic tiles and mosaic
  • Suitable for pools, the food industry and the chemical industry
  • Withstands high mechanical loads
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Joints widths 1.5 - 10 mm
  • For walls and floors
  • Easy to use
  • Fungus and mould resistant
  • Very low emission EC1 plus

Product calculator

Product facts


Two-component epoxy system, solvent-free.


Supplied in Manhattan steel grey, white, graphite, anthracite grey and black grey.
Light beige – subject to minimum quantities.



About 1.4 kg per m²/mm layer thickness.
Notch size Kg per. m²
4 x 4 mm approx. 1.8
6 x 6 mm approx. 2.8
8 x 8 mm approx. 3.8
10 x 10 mm approx. 4.7

GroutingApprox. 0.6 - 2 kg per m² depending on the tile size and the size of the grout line.
Tile size/width of grout line Kg per m²
25 x 25 x 5 mm / 2 mm approx. 0.3
50 x 50 x 5 mm / 2 mm approx. 0.5
100 x 100 x 7 mm / 4 mm approx. 0.8
110 x 240 x 12 mm / 6 mm approx. 1.3
110 x 240 x 18 mm / 6 mm approx. 1.9
110 x 200 x 12 mm / 6 mm approx. 1.4


Supplied in 6 kg plastic buckets containing component A (binder) plus component B (hardener).



Expected Result



Surface preparation

Fixing dowels





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Alfix C2 Epoxyfuge
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efter tørlagring
≥ 2,0 N/mm²  Vedhæftningsstyrke
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 ≥ 2,0 N/mm²
efter vandlagring
≥ 2,0 N/mm²    

Tile fixing

Tile fixing


EN 13888 RG and EN 12004, R2T


Technical data

Working temperature

+15°C - +25°C


Approx. 1.4 kg/litre at +23°C

Working time

40-45 minutes at +23°C


After approx. 15 minutes or up to 1 hour at +23°C

Foot traffic

After 16 hours at +23°C

Full strength

After 2 days/7 days at +23°C

Tensile strength, concrete

Fracture in substrate > 2 N/mm².

Temperature resistance


Shelf life

Approx.12 months in a frost-free, dry and cool place in unopened packaging

How to use


Surface preparation

How to use

1. Take component B and shake it.
2. Briefly mix component A with a paddle mixer attachment on a drill running at low speed.
3. Pour in the liquid component (B) and mix into a smooth, even paste. Scrape the bottom and sides of the bucket as you mix.
4. To check that the paste is evenly mixed, you are recommended to pour the epoxy mixture into a clean bucket before use.

Grouting: Press Alfix C2 Epoxy into the grout lines using a plastic or hard rubber trowel. Work diagonally over the grout lines, moving the trowel forwards as well as backwards so that the grout is pressed firmly against the tile edges. It is best to wait 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Use clean, warm water with a small amount of detergent if necessary.
Applying minimal pressure and using as little water as possible, rub/emulsify the surface with a fine scourer.
Carry on until there is a thin layer of sludge over the tiles and the grout lines are filled. Rinse down with a tile
or viscose sponge that is frequently rinsed in warm water. Change the rinsing water for every 6 kg of mixture.
Add up to 10% methylated spirits for the final rinse down. Do not leave excess water on the grout lines.
After 5-15 hours, carry out final cleaning to remove any epoxy haze. Pour clean methylated spirits onto the surface and rub with a cloth.

Tiling: Apply Alfix C2 Epoxy to the substrate with a smooth trowel, then go over it again with a notched trowel. Lay the tiles within the stated pot life. For use outdoors or in places with a high mechanical load, a void-free adhesive layer is required.
Note! Working with epoxy products requires special training according to the regulations of the Danish Working Environment Authority: WEA Guideline C.0.7. Low temperatures result in increased consumption and make preparations more difficult. It is helpful to warm the products to room temperature before use.


Use warm water and detergent to clean grout residues from tools, etc. immediately after use. Once hardened, the grout can only be removed by scraping. You can try to remove epoxy residues with a product like CR10 from FILA or SERVICE EPOSOLV from Treetops.

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