DuraPuds 800 SR

DuraPuds 800 SR

Silicone resin-based facade render

  • For interior and exterior use
  • Suitable as finishing render on insulation systems, boards, concrete, and rendering
  • Ready mixed and easily applied
  • Water repellent and weathering resistant
  • Prevents algae and fungus growth
  • Diffusion open, class V1
  • Tough and strong surface

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Product facts


Ready-mixed finishing render based on silicone resin. Through-coloured with light stable pigments.


Available in through-coloured white. On request, other colours are deliverable – mixed according to Alfix colour chart.
For application on insulation systems, use only colours with a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of min. 20%.


Available as standard with grain sizes up to 1.5 mm.



Approx. 1,7 kg per m² / mm thickness.
Grain size kg/m²
1.5 mm 2.5


15 kg plastic tubs.



Expected Result



Surface preparation

Fixing dowels





Alfix A/S H.C. Oersteds Vej 11-13 DK-6000 Kolding alfix.com
Declaration of performance
No. 21
EN 15824:2009
Alfix DuraPuds 800 SR
For external use on
Water vapour
V1 Capillary water absorption W3
Adhesion ≥ 0,3 N/mm² Durability NPD
Thermal conductivity NPD Reaction to fire A2-s1,d0
Release of dangerous
See material safety data sheet www.alfix.com

Tile fixing

Tile fixing



Technical data

Working temperature

+5°C - +25°C


1.6-1.8 kg/liter

Water vapour diffusion

Sd 0.05-0.10 m / class V1

Water permeability

< 0.10 kg/m²√h / class W3

Drying time

24 hours at min. +15°C

Exposure class

MX 3.1

Full strength

Allow 14 days at min. +15°C

Storage life

Min. 12 months in unopened container

Storage conditions

Dry, frost-free and cool protected from direct sunlight.

How to use


Batts of mineral wool or EPS 80 F with a reinforced render coat of Alfix DuraPuds 810. Allow base coat to dry for at least min. 48 hours.
Cement-based boards, such as KnaufDanogips Aquapanel Outdoor or Fermacell Powerpanel HD with reinforced render coat, such as Alfix DuraPuds 710 or Alfix DuraPuds 810. Allow base coat to dry for at least min. 48 hours.
Concrete, older than 14 days, max. 90% RF.
Light weight concrete, max. 8% moisture content, with reinforced render coat, such as Alfix DuraPuds 810. Allow base coat to dry for at least min. 48 hours.
For further details, please contact our Service Technical Department.

Surface preparation

The surface should be structurally sound, even, free from dust, mortar residues, salts, algae, fungus, and other contaminants. Prime highly absorbent substrates with Alfix PlaneMixPrimer diluted 1:6 with clean water.
Alternatively, surfaces should be primed with Alfix DuraDec 8000 SR paint diluted with water in the ratio 3:1.
Obtain the best possible coverage by using the same colour as the subsequent render. Sand away small edges and other irregularities.
Levelling of uneven surfaces and small cavities and can be made using Alfix DuraPuds 710 or Alfix DuraPuds 810.

How to use

Prior to use, remix rendering compound with mixing paddle and drill at low speed. For a smoother consistency, add water up to max. 5%. Apply Alfix DuraPuds 800 SR to the surface in a thickness corresponding to grain size using steel trowel.
Work the surface immediately with a hard plastic trowel/float until an even texture and coat thickness is obtained. Keep float permanently clean from surplus render. To avoid visible lines of colour differences, it is recommended to finish each wall in one ongoing work process.


Dark colours are particularly receptive to impacts caused by weather conditions during work as well as surface texture and suction. These on site conditions may result in variations in final appearance and colour differences. Hence, in case of dark and intense colours, it is of significant importance to ensure a uniform surface texture and suction. Prepare and organize the job in order to finish each wall in one
unbroken process and protect against climatic impacts during work and until completely dried.

Tinted facade render
To ensure colour uniformity, tinted render should preferably be of same production batch or be thoroughly mixed together before use. Tinted render is non-returnable.

Exterior work with adhesive render should only take place in dry weather at temperatures between +5ºC and +25ºC. Avoid direct sunlight.
If rainy weather or temperatures below +5ºC are forecast, cover facades.
Avoid exterior rendering during the winter season.



Clean any render residues from tools with water before the material starts to set.

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