Epoxy Membrane

Epoxy Membrane

Acid-resistant sealing membrane

For under-tile water proofing in pools, changing rooms, and leisure areas

  • For interior and exterior use
  • Effective under tile water proofing
  • High chemical and mechanical resistance

Product facts


2-part epoxy resin system for scattering with dry quartz sand, grain size 0.7 – 1.2 mm (type 2)




Approx. 2.6 kg/m² corresponding to 1.3 kg/m² per mm coat + approx. 3.5 kg sand.


10 kg units containing matching volumes of each component, A and B.
Sand is available in 25 kg bags.



Expected Result


For interior and exterior under-tile water proofing in e.g. dairies, milking rooms, slaughterhouses, in- and outdoor swimming baths, and purification plants. Upon curing the membrane is water and liquid proof and resistant to a number of chemical and mechanical stresses.


Surface preparation

Fixing dowels



For sealing of junctions between wall and floor, movement joints, internal corners, and around sanitary installations, prepare adapted pieces of Alfix Sealing strip to be subsequently bedded in a coat of Alfix Epoxy Primer.
Pipe penetrations and drains should be incorporating flanges ready to receive sealing strip and drain mats.



Tile fixing

Tile fixing


Epoxy membrane has been tested at the German Institute: Amtl. Materialprüfanstalt für Steine und Erden, Clausthal-Zellerfeld and meets the requirements of the following standards: Prüfzeugnisse M 9954-1 and M 9954-2


Technical data

Working temperature

+ 10°C + 30°C


1.3 kg/litre

Working time

45 minutes at +20°C

Tile fixing, foot traffic

After 16 hours at +20°C

Drying time/curing

After 16 hours at +20°C further treatment can be initiated

Crack bridging

2Up to 1.6 mm

Elastic modulus

280 N/mm²

Tensile strength

Ceramic tiles: Min. 5.6 N/mm²



Shelf life

Min. 6 months in unopened container.

How to use


Concrete in situ and concrete slabs, older than 3 months.
Cohesive strength should be min. 1.5 N/mm²

Surface preparation

The surface should be pretreated with Alfix Epoxy Primer scattered with quartz sand. Drying time for primer is approx. 16 hours. The surface should be completely saturated with sand.
Remove any excess sand by sweeping or vacuuming when cured.

How to use

Add full content of component B into component A and mix the two components using slowly rotating paddle attached to electric drill. Mix thoroughly for approx. 3 minutes.
Working time is approx. 45 minutes at +20°C.
Apply membrane as 2 coatings in order to obtain even, fully covering layers of each 1 mm. Embed Sealing strip and drain mat into the first layer.
Apply by short pile paint roller or by 4 x 4 mm notched trowel. Allow first layer to dry before applying the second. Curing time is approx. 16 hours at +20°C

First layer must not exceed the age of 48 hours before second layer is to bed applied.
Scatter with dry quartz sand, type 2, over the still wet coating of Alfix Epoxy membrane until the surface is completely saturated and will provide a sandpaper-like finish. If possible, use sand blasting gun.
According to Danish legislation, working with epoxide products requires special training.
To improve slip resistance on walls, add 2 – 3% thixotropic admix. For further details, contact our Service Technical Dept.


Residues from Alfix Epoxy Membrane on tools should be removed immediately upon use with ethanol.
Once cured, membrane can only be removed mechanically.



Product info

Safety datasheet Epoxy Membrane-A
Safety datasheet Epoxy Membrane-B

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