LetFix less dust

LetFix less dust

Flexible dust reduced tile adhesive - Light

  • For ceramic and quarry tiles, mosaics and natural stone
  • For large-sized tiles and porcellanato tiles
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Coverage as 25 kg traditional tile adhesive
  • Fixing of insulating plates
  • Smooth and light-weight with non-slip properties
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Very low emission: EC 1 PLUS
  • Bed thicknesses up to 5 mm

Product calculator

Product facts


Light grey, dust reduced cement-based powder containing light fillers and high-performance polymer modifiers.




Notched trowel
Coverage per m²
4 x 4 mm
approx. 0,9
6 x 6 mm
approx. 1,4
8 x 8 mm
approx. 1,9
10 x 10 mm
approx. 2,2


Available in 3.5 kg and 18 kg PE lined paper bags.



Expected Result



Surface preparation

Fixing dowels





Alfix A/S H.C. Oersteds Vej 11-13 DK-6000 Kolding alfix.com
Declaration of performance
No. 5
EN 12004:2007+A1:2012
Alfix LetFix
Improved cementitious
adhesive for internal
and external tiling
Reaction to fire NPD Farlige stoffer See material safety data
sheet www.alfix.com
Bond strength: Initial
tensile adhesion
≥ 1,0 N/mm² Vedhæftningsstyrke efter varmelagring ≥ 1,0 N/mm²
Durability, tensile adhesion
strength after water
≥ 1,0 N/mm² Vedhæftningsstyrke efter frost-tø lagring ≥ 1,0 N/mm²

Tile fixing

Tile fixing


DS/EN 12004 - DS/EN 12002


Technical data

Working temperature

+5°C - +30°C


1.35 kg/litre (mixed with water)

Open time

20 – 30 minutes

Working time

5 hours at +20°C

Foot traffic/grouting

24 hours at +20°C

Full strength

7 days at +20°C

Tensile adhesion strength concrete:

1.0 – 2.0 N/mm²

Classification - DS/EN 12004

C2 TE S1

Shelf life

Min. 12 months in unopened bag

How to use


Cement/sand rendering, brickwork, aerated concrete
Screed, with or without underfloor heating, older than 14 days
Light-weight concrete, max. moisture content 8%
Flooring containing cement-based levelling compound.
Anhydrite floors, max. residual moisture 0.5%
Concrete in situ and precast units/slabs, older than 6 months
Paper-faced plaster boards, fibre-reinforced plaster boards
Existing tiles, terrazzo
Vinyl and paint on concrete

Plaster, wood, existing tiles, vinyl, and paint are not considered suitable surfaces for exterior use or in areas exposed to frequent or permanent water.

Surface preparation

The surface should be dimensionally stable, sound, and clean. Free from laitance, grease, and dust. There should be no blooms or crack formations. Residues from grease or soap can be removed with Alfix Deep Cleaner. Ensure that paint is sufficiently adhering and non-flaking.

Sand/Matt vinyl and paint with the appropriate sandpaper and apply a thin contact layer of Alfix LetFix less dust.

Straightening of lumps and unevenness of up to 5 mm can be carried out using Alfix LetFix less dust.

On absorbent, moisture sensitive interior surfaces, such as aerated concrete, gypsum plaster, plaster boards, and anhydrite floors, apply Alfix Primer (Sealing Primer) or Alfix PlaneMixPrimer
For exterior use, apply a thin contact layer of Alfix LetFix less dust.

How to use

Add approx. 0.4 – 0.5 litres of clean, cold water per kg powder corresponding to 7.0 – 9.0 litres of ready mixture per 18 kg bag depending on whether to use as non-slip wall adhesive or pourable floor adhesive.

Apply Alfix LetFix less dust to the surface with a notched trowel, using the straight edge to spread out adhesive and subsequently the notched edge to produce a ribbed bed.

Fix tiles within 20-30 minutes by pressing them firmly into position in the wet adhesive with a slight twisting action. When fixing mosaics, a firm tap is required.
Ensure complete adhesive coverage!

For tile sizes exceeding 60 X 60, apply adhesive to both tiles and surface to ensure solid bedding leaving no voids (buttering/floating method).
For exterior use, e.g. stairs and facades, regardless of tile size, always apply buttering/floating method.


Large-sized tiles and natural stone may call for extra attention.
Additional water should not be added to adhesive already starting to set. Note that the temperature of mixing water will influence setting time.

Repositioning of tiles should be done within approx. 20 minutes after fixing, depending on substrate and tile absorbency.
Switch off any underfloor heating.


Do not throw leftover tile adhesive on the ground at the construction site, the tile adhesive contains ingredients that break down very slowly in nature. When the tile adhesive has set, it can be disposed of like normal construction waste.

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