Elastic sealant for swimming pools

  • For areas permanently exposed to water
  • Designed for use in swimming pools
  • For movement joints in tiled surfaces
  • For exterior and interior use
  • Joint widths from 5 to 15 mm
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Not suitable for use in aquaria

Product facts


High-elastic, one-component sealant on silicone rubber basis. Reacts and cures with atmospheric humidity. Neutral curing.


Available in grey.



Coverage: 3 - 4 m at a joint dimension of 10 x 10 mm.

Joint dimension, B x D
Linear meters
10 x 10 mm
Approx 3.5


Available in 300 ml cartridges.


Due to neutral curing, Alfix M-Silicon will not cause any colour alteration of acid-sensitive materials, such as natural stone and hence, the product is very suitable for marble, granite, travertine, etc.
Also ideal for sealing facades with ceramic tiles as the product does not attract dirt.
Alfix M-Silicone retains elasticity and produces a long life weather- and waterproof joint resistant to mildew (sanitary type).


Residues from adhesive or grout should be removed down to original substrate. Before application in pools, bonding surfaces should be primed and joint widths range between 10 and 15 mm.

Expected Result



Surface preparation

Fixing dowels





Tile fixing

Tile fixing



Technical data

Working temperature

+5°C - +40°C


1.35 kg/liter

Formation of skin

Approx. 15 minutes

Curing speed

Approx. 5 mm per week

Curing time before exposure to water:

Min. 14 days at +20°C and 50 RF

Temperature resistance

-40°C - +150°C

Temperature resistance at permanent water exposure

Max. - +33°C


Approx. 22

Movement in service

± 20% of original joint dimension


Approx. 6 %

Shelf life

Min. 12 months in unopened cartridges. Store cool.

How to use


Surface preparation

Bonding surfaces should be dry and clean. Vacuum and degrease with acetone or ethanol. Prefill deep joints with a suitable backing material, such as polyethylene foam backer rod, to obtain appropriate depth. At its maximum, joint depth should make up 50% of the joint width. The entire tile edge should be considered as bonding surface. Apply masking tape along tile edges to protect the tile surface. Apply Alfix P-Primer onto both bonding surfaces in an even coat and allow the primer to dry completely before commencing the work.

How to use

As soon as the primer is dry, fill the joints completely against the backing material with Alfix P-Silicon and finish the surface within 15 minutes using smoothing kit, wet wooden spatula, or joint nail. Remove any masking tape immediately after smoothing the joint.


Uncured sealant: Acetone
Cured sealant: mechanical

August 2019

Alfix CeraFill 10 colour Universal grout has been improved, and its name is now being changed to UniversalFuge - CeraFill 10.


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