Since 2002 Alfix has been a dedicated member of the voluntary Danish organization Green Network counting a number of businesses with focus on environmental considerations.
Green Network targets its efforts towards environment, health and safety, social commitment and health promoting actions.
For further information about Green Network, please visit:

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The Alfix contribution
Green Network writes in their documentation the following about Alfix: Green Network has awarded Alfix a diploma:
The diploma rests on a remarkable contribution to environmental sustainability. Alfix A/S works actively and responsibly to reduce harmful impact on the environment. Alfix meets all requirements and standards for environmental actions set by Green Network.

Requirements meaning that Alfix has:

  • given an annual account according to Green Network’s manual for environment
  • mapped out significant aspects of their environmental strategy
  • set goals for ongoing improvements based on less polluting and less harmful technology
  • made the account public, including environmental policy-, goals and plan of action.


Green Building Council

Alfix is a member of the Green Building Council Denmark, which is a non-profit organisation working towards expanding sustainability in the construction industry. A project which Alfix supports with dedication. Read more.

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SUSTAINABLE BUILD is a cooperation between Industry Foundation and the Danish Architecture Centre and the Danish Business Authority's Green Conversion Fund and Leaderlab. The aim of the cooperation is to promote the growth of sustainable construction. The green innovation project operates as a partnership with the construction industry's leading suppliers, companies and organizations, including selected architects, engineers, contractors, building material manufacturers and other organizations. Alfix participates in the group in order to positively promote sustainable innovations and solutions in the construction industry. Read more on

sustainable build


Indoor climate

The EMICODE® classification system allows to compare and evaluate the emission characteristics of flooring installation and construction products and at the same time gives an incentive to further improve the products.

Alfix is a member and relevant products are are regularly checked. See GEV EMICODE presentation video:

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January 2021

Happy New Year! Team Alfix is back from Christmas holidays and ready to serve our good Scandinavian customers.

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