On 1st May 2013, 50 years have passed since Alfix’ foundation. Here follows the story about a family-owned company which has taken pride in developing and delivering responsible solutions through five decades.

The cornerstone of the company was established in a small basement room in Kolding in 1963. The founder Hans Carstensen Toft was a true entrepreneur with profound trade knowledge gained from many years of work as a sales representative with a tile stockiest.

About the early days of the company, the son being the second generation in Alfix reports the following:

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“Due to his capacity as ceramic tile representative my father often met complaints relating to cracked and loose tiles, and every time the conclusion was evident: Failures were not caused by the quality of the tiles but rather the use of a poor mortar as substrate adhesion turned out to be weak and insufficient.

The situation clearly called for a solution and he, therefore, initiated thorough product testing and research in order to come up with a strong and more durable formula to substitute the conventional home made cement/sand mixture used by most fixers and construction builders during that time”, so Torben Carstensen Toft, current Managing Director and owner of Alfix.

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Laboratory in own basement

The very first series of tests took place in his private basement at Tranevej 3 in Kolding. Hans Carstensen Toft developed a strong powder adhesive based on white Portland cement, and the product was named Alfix Universalfix. The name originated from a contraction of the English expressions “all” and “to fix”, i.e. “fix all”.

Instantly, the product grew popular with the building trade - just as it soon turned out that the name Alfix was also to become the official name of the new-founded company situated in the southern part of Jutland.

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It runs in the family

In 1976 the second generation “enlisted” in Alfix. Based on years of sales experience gained from an acknowledged builder’s merchant in Esbjerg, Torben knew the trade from within – just as his father. During his youth in the 60s and 70s he had followed the growth of his father’s life work with great interest.

Hence, Torben became a member of the Alfix team in 1976, and he took over both ownership and management of the firm in 1984.

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“Our product range and turnover grew steadily during the 80s, 90s, and most of the 00s. We hired a number of very skilled and competent employees for the many new-established departments during that period and these employees have all contributed to the rapid growth of our company and thus ensured our present position.
Denmark has always been our prime market in terms of turnover, but in fact the whole of Scandinavia has been considered our “home market” for quite some years now”, explains Torben Carstensen Toft.

Today, the third generation is also engaged in Alfix. Being the grandchild of the founder, Hans Toft, and the daughter of Torben, Tine Toft Nørgaard is now a member of the company’s board. When not present here in Kolding, she works as a HR consultant in Copenhagen combined with a study in Psychology with the University of Copenhagen. Her brother Anders Bertelsen Toft is also a member of the board, and since 2009 he has been employed with Alfix and in charge of business development and marketing. Anders has enriched the company with a MSc in Economics & Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School.

Future proof

50 good years have passed and moreover, the company has for some years now been assigned a triple A credit rate underlining the financially sound and responsible platform on which Alfix rests.
The responsible company profile was further sealed in March 2012 as Alfix was honored with the Danish Building Industry Environment Award. The award was given on grounds of responsible solutions in terms of both environment and working environment. An acknowledgement to the entire staff for their widespread and dedicated contribution to Alfix’ long-running work towards an environmentally friendly production.

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After 50 years, Alfix is still a sound and enterprising family-owned company. Over the years, a number of acquisition offers have found their way to the Kolding based business but selling out “the family silver” has absolutely no interest. According to Torben Carstensen Toft, Alfix is an integral part of the family and will definitely remain so in future.

January 2021

Happy New Year! Team Alfix is back from Christmas holidays and ready to serve our good Scandinavian customers.

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