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Sustainable Danish systems for the
construction industry are in our DNA

Since 2000, Alfix has been working consciously and dedicatedly to minimise its environmental impact and,
at the same time, to supply the market with products and solutions

Professionel Danish systems for floor,
wall and façade structures

For example, Alfix is the leading supplier of durable systems
for installing tiles in swimming pools

Danish family owned business
- since 1963

Sustainable, high-quality systems for construction projects of all kinds


Use one of our consumption calculators to establish an overview of consumption for a major project or simply
a single Alfix product. You can calculate the recommended consumption in kg per product.

Our range of calculators includes a floor and wall calculator, a façade calculator and a product calculator.


Ten years of DuraPuds 710

This year marks the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of our ever-popular DuraPuds 710 (Thin coat bonding mortar). Development in sales of this grey and white Danish mortar has exceeded our wildest dreams, and the steady rise shows no sign of levelling off.

More than a few skilled Danish master masons are now big fans of our popular thin coat bonding mortar. One of them, Master Mason Michael Thomsen from MT BYG, has the following to say: “The 710 is a great universal product for us – it’s really easy to work with. We use it for all kinds of rendering jobs, both indoors and out, and it’s a big plus that we can cover so many areas of use with a single product. The product features two properties I consider particularly important:

  1. The structure of DuraPuds 710 is just about perfect. It’s neither too smooth nor too coarse, and that means a lot to our customers. There are several other well-known rendering products on the market where the finished structure is simply too coarse.
    1. It’s reasonably priced, too.”

The classic Danish bonding mortar garners praise from another master mason, too:

“One of the great strengths of DuraPuds 710 is its workability; the mortar is easy to blend up and the structure of the finished result is right on the money. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s attractively priced. I only use Alfix products for my façade projects – and have done for years,” says Master Mason Daniel Steengaard Buch from Steengaard Byg ApS.

We’ll add our own 710 x thanks here along with a whole-hearted THANK YOU to everyone who supports us as a family-owned Danish company. Your backing means the world to us! The rendering season is upon us again – click here to find out more about our façade render products!


Danish red and white in the blue swimming pool wate

It is no secret that the building sector is experiencing a boom in activity and ongoing projects. This also extends to the construction of many new swimming pools and various renovation projects – all made possible by Danish Alfix.

A lot exciting swimming pools are being built for private clients at the moment due to factors including the ongoing restrictions on travel and the fact that many people in Denmark have some spare cash in their pockets from extra holiday pay, free equity in their homes, etc.

From the Alfix perspective, however, the large public-sector pool projects are the ones that take up the most space volume-wise and in relation to the important associated guidance.

“Alfix has more than 45 years of experience in building swimming pools in Scandinavia. We have developed materials specifically for swimming pools and our painstaking approach to products, systems and guidance alike stems from a clear ambition to show responsibility in relation to both construction financing and the development of durable, sustainable solutions,” explains Carsten Schultz, Technical Manager at Alfix and a specialist in swimming pools.

Carsten originally trained as a mason and a building designer, and according to him, swimming pool construction is often a matter of public sector funding. In this regard, it is essential that the contractors and craftsmen are fully familiar with the special requirements that apply to the choice of materials. Alfix not only supplies construction materials, but also provides advice and guidance in building pools that require only minimal maintenance, while generating plenty of great experiences for their users.

Asked about Alfix’s role before, during and after these often complex construction projects, he replies:

“At the end of the day, we see our role as building bridges between the different professional contracts so that everyone is speaking the same language before the work even starts. This is the best way to guard against costly misunderstandings.”

Alfix is also represented at Trongårdsskolen school in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen. Here the Danish Alfix products are being used in a 25-metre pool, in the bare foot area and in the changing facilities. Rambøll is the consultant, JDN Entreprise A/S is the chief contractor, and CC-Fliser is company performing the actual masonry work.

Alfix products used in the project: PlaneMix S40 (Pool and concrete repair mortar), PlaneMix 100 (Fast-setting screeding mortar), Epoxy Primer, Epoxy Membrane, ProFix flexible tile adhesive, FlexBinder, C2 Epoxy (Acid-resistant grout and tile adhesive) and IndustryFuge CeraFill 18. Click here to find out more about our pool systems


Popular silicone resin paint from Alfix is the durable choice

This attractive, modernist home has recently been upgraded using Alfix DuraDec 8000 SR – silicone resin-based façade paint – in white. Ready for the Danish summer and all the subsequent seasons of changing, demanding weather conditions.

”“We’re absolutely delighted with the result. We chose the Alfix façade product on account of its superior durability and its capacity to combat the development of algae. It’s also a huge plus that the product features authentic Danish quality and comes from a company that has been based locally in Kolding for generations,” say Anne-Mette Moberg and Thomas Rasmussen. A big thank you to the home-owners for their positive feedback.

Beneath the breathable, water- and dirt-repellent façade paint lies a layer of Alfix DuraPuds 703 (through coloured thin coat finishing mortar). The home is therefore “well-dressed” and properly protected with a comprehensive Danish façade system from Alfix. DuraDec 8000 SR features façade durability of up to 20 years, and many professional painters affirm that it is extremely good to work with. And as a dash of green icing on the cake, the plastic bucket the paint is supplied in is naturally made of recyclable plastic. [Click here to find out more about DuraDec 8000 SR]()


Meet an authentic “Alfixer” – Michael from production

A member of the Alfix production staff, Michael Valentin has been with the company since January 1998; he is an old hand at the Kolding factory, running tasks on one of three machines that make powder products. This is how he describes his work assignments:

“As a process operator on our Yellow machine, it’s my job to produce finished goods for our warehouse, which then takes care of the onward delivery. There’s a production plan, updated daily, that explains what we are to make that day. As Alfix can run products on the basis of customer requests, the plan is always flexible. We can switch products on the machine at extremely short notice, so my working day is often exciting and challenging. Another of my responsibilities as process operator is to take care of maintaining the machine, so I need to be good with my hands as well.”

_-What makes for a particularly good day at work?

“It starts when you arrive at work in the morning and everyone is happy to see you. And when the machine is running smoothly so we can meet the targets for the products our customers have ordered – all delivered on time, of course,” says Michael Valentin with a smile.


2 x 20-years-birthday held in floor level

The 2 Alfix levelling compounds Alfix PlaneMix 20 and Alfix PlaneMix 50 proudly celebrate their 20th birthday

With the message:” The same outstanding properties – every time”, Alfix introduced two high-quality levelling compounds for straightening and levelling subfloors – the optimal products for the installation of ceramic tiles and other top floorings.

In the following, head of R&D, Frank Pingel, elaborates on the background to expand the range of products, which at the beginning of the new millennium mainly consisted of tanking products, tile adhesives and grouts:

” During the late 90’s, we observed a steadily climbing demand for self-levelling compounds from the tile fixers. A growing focus on even and smooth subfloors combined with a tendency towards large-sized tiles required thorough levelling of floors prior to tile fixing and other floorings. A growing demand for levelling compounds lead our owner and managing director, Torben C. Toft, to ask us at the lab whether we would be able to develop and produce fast-setting self-levelling and smoothing compounds. And the answer was: “Yes”, obviously. After intense product development, the two first levelling compounds PlaneMix 20 and PlaneMix 50 saw the light of the day in 2001”.

The products have become a natural part of the Scandinavian building trade, and since 2001 they have levelled approx. 5,000,000m² subfloors in total. And today, PlaneMix 20 and 50 are still among the best-selling products in the PlaneMix-range, which now counts a number of highly-specialized screeding mortars and levelling compounds. For more details read here!

Design floors
Recent years have seen a rise in demand for designer floors, also known as New Yorker floors or industrial looking floors – for domestic and industrial use as well as shop fitting.

Designer floors are seamless cement-based floors without the need for any actual top-flooring. The floors are made with a cement-based levelling compound, such as PlaneMix 20 or PlaneMix 50, and finished with the surface treatment Alfix TopCoat Design.


Popular Alfix facade system in Danish holiday and beach town

Med et flot nybyggeri i nordjyske Løkken har Alfix fået endnu en god reference, som involverer brugen af Alfix DuraTherm facadesystem.

With the construction of an attractive new build in Løkken, situated on the west coast of North Jutland, Alfix has gained another fine reference involving the use of Alfix DuraTherm facade solution.

Alfix DuraTherm – Mineral wool is a simplified, user-friendly Danish facade insulation system for both new builds and refurbishment. Here, the facade is covered with mineral wool insulation plates and subsequently applied with a thoroughly-tested and approved Danish system of products for facade rendering.

This project involves a.o. the products Alfix DuraPuds 830 (flexible facade adhesive), Alfix DuraPuds 810 (flexible fibre-reinforced render) and as finish Alfix DuraPuds 804 (flexible thin-coat finishing mortar) in the colour cement-white.

Tile fixer Michael Thomsen, owner of the company Murer Michael in Hirtshals, has been contractor on the project and gives the following statement about his experiences with the Alfix DuraTherm system:

”Alfix DuraPuds products are very convenient and easy to use. We always use Alfix for our many facade projects and recently, we have had several projects with DuraTherm facade insulation system. It works every time and for the actual project here in Løkken, we had an informative start-up talk med the local Alfix sales rep – and that talk really ensured us a good beginning”.

Alfix appreciates the praise – it is a mere pleasure to work with dedicated and skilled craftsmen. Sales of the DuraPuds range have seen an ongoing rise since the introduction approx. 10 years ago and more recently, growth has developed remarkably – to the delight of the entire Team Alfix.

The DuraTherm system offers optimal thermal insulation of the building, environmental consideration, external installation without any notable inconvenience for the owners or residents, internal comfort while rendering revitalizes the whole facade with a beautiful, contemporary and tight appearance in return.


Danish tile adhesives dressed in red-white colours

The tile adhesives Alfix Profix and Alfix Letfix are true bestsellers within the product range and the two products have therefore been appointed “first movers” in terms of introducing alterations in our packaging design; alterations that will stress the Danish ownership and facilitate recognition. The packaging has been supplied with a small Danish flag along with a product-unique bottom slip, which will make it easier to distinguish one tile adhesive from the other by means of individual colours.

Locally manufactured products with Danish ownership
” In these very weird and unpredictable times, where the demand for local and Danish products sees a remarkably rise, Alfix has chosen to put a small but distinctive logo featuring the national flag on the front of our Alfix Profix and Letfix packaging. This icon tells the story of our Danish background and identity; an identity positively reflected from our customers – not only in Denmark but also throughout Scandinavia”, says Anders Bertelsen Toft, CCO, and 3rd generation of the Alfix family business.

Since its foundation in 1963, Alfix has been owned by the Toft family, and so it will continue to be according the owner family. Eventually, the small Dannebrog logo will lighten up each and every Alfix bag and sack concurrent with the reprint of the packaging.

Individually coloured bottom slip on the Alfix packaging identifies product
Apart from the red-white flag on the packaging, tile fixers, building merchants and other users will now see a blue bottom slip on the Alfix Profix bag and an orange bottom slip on the Alfix Letfix bag. The bottom slip colour is identical with the letter colours used in the product name on the front of the bag. This colour repetition will, hopefully, ease recognition of each Alfix product when stored on pallets or placed in shelves at the builders' merchant or on building sites.

Previously, all Alfix tile adhesive bags were supplied with a white bottom slip with black print. In future, every Alfix tile adhesive will eventually have its own uniquely coloured bottom slip.

See the entire tile adhesive range here: Alfix tile adhesives


Meet an Alfix employee – Martin J. Olesen, picking stock manager

Martin J Olesen has been an Alfix employee since May 2018, and as from November 2019 he has worked as stores manager at the factory in Kolding. We have asked him about his working day, and we have particularly talked about elements that characterize a remarkably good day at work according to Martin.

-Initially, could you give a brief description of your department?
My department, being the picking stock, counts in all 6 employees. We are about to employ yet another stock worker as order volumes increase.

-Which tasks are you in charge of as stock manager?
My duty is to manage and assign tasks, activate orders and see to it that our stocks tally. I work in close co-operation with the orders office as to when orders are ready for collection or shipment – or in case our customers have special requirements. We always do our very best to meet the requests of our customers.

-Could you highlight other of your functions?
Together, we ensure that all picking locations are filled; we pick items or products, stock pallets, load trucks and move pallets between the various buildings on the plant premises.

How would you describe a particularly good day at work?
That would be a busy day with plenty of orders where we manage to meet every requirement of every customer - within working hours.

Martin is 32 years old, lives in Kolding with his girl friend and their two little girls. In his spare time he focuses on family, friends and sports.


Welcome to the new Alfix website

Alfix is delighted to present a new digital face to the world.

After 6 years on the current platform Alfix has develop a new digital web presence. Simplicity and user friendliness have been essential features throughout the developing process.
”The object has been to create an appealing and simple website that meet contemporary demands in terms of functionality and user behavior”, says Claus Bernd Høgdal, Sales- and Marketing director at Alfix.

Interviews with retailers and craftsmen ensured useful knowledge
During the creative process, Alfix and the co-operation partners involved focused on user behavioral paths revealed by all segments likely to visit a website like
Alfix started the process by interviewing both retailer staff, craftsmen, specifiers as well as end users with interest in the building trade. All to collect useful knowledge about the requirements and needs of our customers og business partners in relation to the design and configuration of an Alfix website version 2021.

“Hopefully, customers will give the website a good reception. And hopefully, the page will guide them quickly to the product information, calculators or technical specifications they seek for a certain project. Simultaneously, we wish to present Alfix as a leading Danish manufacturer of building materials, setting the agenda for sustainable building in 2021” Claus Bernd Høgdal concludes.


North Jutland: Corona year with Alfix lectures on Teams

Lars Brix is the sales consultant for Alfix in Mid- and North Jutland where he has serviced merchants and craftsmen at building sites for more than two decades.

We have asked the experienced Alfix employee (skilled bricklayer and tile fixer) about his working life during the corona pandemic:

How would you briefly describe the last year in terms of work?
When corona hit the country in March last year, everybody in the building trade got extremely busy. We got many calls from our builders' merchant customers as many of their customers were sent home, and luckily many of the home send chose to renovate and refurbish their homes, which gave us a lot of work. The retailers introduced several understandable restrictions, and these restrictions prevented us from visiting them – they focused on their own customers. And hence, work routines changed for us suppliers. We visited and still visit building sites as often as possible and requested, just as we are at disposal when projects should be facilitated or commenced.

Which part of your job has been the most difficult?
Definitely that it has been impossible to visit our many good customers and thereby uphold daily talks and maintain relations. I miss the close and regular contact with the customers.

Which part would you describe as being positive?
That many tasks can be solved by phone or pc. Teams meetings will become a natural part of work life, I think. Much can be discussed and decided effectively during a couple of on-line hours and so eliminate the need for internal meetings involving a long drive to the company premises in Kolding.

Could you suggest any corona-conditioned changes that you would like to uphold when work life hopefully turn more normal at some future time?
Definitely Teams meetings. I have been teaching vocational schools over Teams and in spite of my limited IT-means, on-line lecturing has been a success beyond expectation. But I would, nevertheless, prefer to meet with customers and craftsmen face-to-face as soon as possible. Physical appearance adds a dynamic dimension.

What do you look forward to with a view to the trade and your work for Alfix?
Denmark re-opening! I look forward to the returning of daily life so that I may again visit customers – see my many colleagues – and uphold and expand the contact to our builders' merchants and craftsmen.


Invitation – join the green transition

Alfix has boosted its sustainable initiatives and invites builders’ merchants, craftsmen and other players within the building trade to join the journey.

As from 1. December 2020, Alfix switched to eco-friendly biomethane for the operation of the factory in Kolding. A deliberate choice which will entail a significant 10% reduction in the total CO2 emission of the plant. About the latest green initiative, Anders Bertelsen Toft (CCO) elaborates:

“The transition to biomethane is the latest initiative in our long-term sustainable strategy. Biomethane is a climate friendly and CO2 neutral energy source produced from organic fertilizer and organic household waste, a.o. The green Alfix strategy also includes the implementation of an extensive waste segregation and the use of 100% green power, which exclusively has been generated from renewable and CO2 neutral energy”.

EPDs, DGNB and the Nordic Eco-label
Today, Alfix has launched Environmental Product Declarations (EDP) for more than 60 products, and the majority of these products comply with an overall sustainable profile enabling use for eco-labeled and DGNB certified building projects. The demand for certified green systems has seen a significant rise within the last couple of years, and this market tendency seems to continue.

”Our sustainable initiatives come straight from the heart – the right and only thing to do as a manufacturer of building materials. Fortunately, our customers approve of the transition and consider a co-operation with Alfix a possibility to turn green. Together, we can make a difference. We are, hence, very pleased to learn that many merchants, specifiers, craftsmen and end users now have acknowledged the importance of sustainable construction”, Anders Bertelsen Toft says.

The Alfix slogan is Responsible Strength, and the company vision is to create assurance for its customers. A long-standing and lasting slogan and vision. For that reason and as a locally founded Danish manufacturer, Alfix should be at the forefront when it comes to responsible building, obviously.
”We owe it to society in general and to future generations in particular” the CCO concludes.

Read more about our green activities here


Alfix industrial looking floors in social housing associations

In Denmark’s many social housing associations, Alfix design or industrial-looking flooring system may turn a popular choice in terms of practical and wear resistant floorings.

In this housing association in Aalborg, the Alfix system used pleases both the property manager as well as the residents.

The system contains of 3 layers in all: Initially, a slurry contact coat of Alfix PlaneMix 50 levelling compound and PlaneMix Primer. Followed by a levelling layer of PlaneMix 50 and finally, the application of Alfix TopCoat Design, which will close the surface with a matt, transparent and protective finish.

The owner really appreciates the result when interviewed a year after completion of the new flooring.
The basement floor is much easier to vacuum and clean compared to the previous rough and porous concrete floor.

The property management has thus been saved for many hours of extra work. And added to this, the Alfix industrial flooring appears friendlier and brighter – a considerable lift in terms of function and design to the daily delight of the many users of the basement facilities.

The Alfix history

Alfix was established in 1963 by Hans Carstensen Toft (1916-2003) and remains a family owned Danish company.

H.C. Toft worked on the basis of many years of experience with sales to suppliers of the building and construction industry, and latest as a representative with a wholesaler within ceramic tile manufacture.