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Who said WOW! In the swimming pool?

Who said WOW! In the swimming pool?

Trongårdsskolen school, located in Lyngby to the north of Copenhagen has been extensively modernised. The fine traditional swimming centre has now been upgraded with a quality system for the swimming pools from Danish company Alfix.

The Alfix pool system: PlaneMix 100 (fast-setting screeding mortar), PlaneMix S40 (pool and concrete repair mortar), Epoxy Primer, Epoxy Membrane, 2K Sealing Membrane,
ProFix tile adhesive + Flexbinder flexible tile adhesive, C2 Epoxy grout and IndustryFuge - CeraFill 18 (cement-based grout).

Learn about our pool system here!

Meet an Alfix employee – Mette from administration

Meet an Alfix employee – Mette from administration

Mette Hesel Sørensen is an engaged and service-minded employee who works in the Alfix administration / internal sales department.

_- Tell us briefly about your department and their job functions:

It’s often one of us in administration that you talk to when you contact Alfix by telephone or when you visit the administration building and the office in Kolding.
If your enquiry is related to an order, you stay with us in internal sales. Otherwise, a sales consultant, a colleague in the service technical department or one of the other Alfix employees will attend to you.

_- What are your duties in administration/order reception?

Together with colleagues in administration, and working with the warehouse and production staff, I make sure your order is started, so that it can be collected by a haulier and delivered to the desired location in Denmark, Sweden or Norway.

_- When is your working day especially good?

A good day already starts outside Alfix, when the supplier's lorries are fully underway with the filling of the many silos with raw material.
Before I reach my workstation in the office, I walk through the production and warehouse area, where the bags move on the production line and the day’s orders are packed – it looks good.
Contact with positive customers and colleagues and above all, a full order book, makes the day perfect!

Designer floor, New Yorker floor – known by many names ...

Designer floor, New Yorker floor – known by many names ...

Here in our hometown of Kolding, this fine Alfix designer floor is installed in an industrial kitchen/cookery school and a visionary and popular restaurant.

The following Danish system is used on the basic floor: Alfix PlaneMixPrimer (primer); Alfix ElastaCem 501 Flydespartel (universal filling compound) and Alfix TopCoat Design (ultra-matt topcoat for levelled design floors).

Waste – a valuable resource

Waste – a valuable resource

At the beginning of 2021, Danish company Alfix entered into a collaboration on the thorough sorting of waste with environmental company Marius Pedersen A/S. This means that a valuable partnership is now underway in Kolding.

Describing the high level of interest in sorting waste that many companies now have, Marius Pedersen’s Environmental Consultant (Business) Jørgen Frederiksen said:

“There has been a significant increase in interest in the last two years. It often starts with companies seeing the potential for financial savings that result from sorting their waste. It is followed by a wish to do something that benefits the local community and the wider world, and fortunately, that’s something that gets a lot of attention now. Companies of all sizes and from a wide range of sectors are now actively involved in sorting waste.”

Describing the new close collaboration with Alfix, Jørgen Frederiksen said:
“We have entered into a close and positive collaboration with Alfix and I have to say that I am impressed by how much waste from Alfix goes to recycling (approx. 93%). The high level of recycling comes from for example, concrete (construction and building waste), which is reused as road fill and in new concrete products for construction work. In just a short time Alfix has created a high level of internal engagement about the subject and achieved fine results. I therefore often use the company as a good example for others.”
Alfix is also very pleased with the collaboration, which matches perfectly with the company’s active sustainability strategy, where both the management and employees work holistically with several parallel initiatives.

“Internally, waste sorting has quickly taken off and we are very satisfied that in just a short space of time we have delivered visible results via the scheme, where we create environmental changes via our sorting at both the factory, our laboratories, canteen and offices,” says Kim Mathiasen, Innovation Manager at Alfix.
There have been visible financial and environmental rewards for Alfix. The results have been possible because of the excellent and close collaboration with Marius Pedersen, which to begin with carried out a kick-off meeting with Alfix employees. According to Kim Mathiasen, this created positive integration among the employees and the ongoing improvement work now includes a digital tool for monitoring and creating inspiration for further improvements.

In the picture is seen Jørgen Frederiksen (to the left) and Kim Mathiasen

10 years as proud sponsor at DM in SKILLS

10 years as proud sponsor at DM in SKILLS

At this year’s DM (National Championship) in SKILLS, Alfix once again supports the young tiling apprentices. The co-operation was initiated 10 years ago, and both organizer and Alfix are pleased with the co-operation.

“At DM in SKILLS 2011, we were main sponsor for the tile fixing skill for the first time. Primarily, because we wanted to boost the knowledge about the important professions and crafts in Denmark and secondarily, because it made perfectly sense for us as first Danish manufacturer of tile adhesives and grouts to support the profession and participate in the education of young up-coming talents.

We now support both at the technical colleges during training and educational courses and at the actual competitions where apprentices work with our products when solving their tile fixing assignment”, explains Anders Bertelsen Toft, CCO at Alfix.

The co-operation between Alfix and DM in SKILLS has extended over the years and resulted in a dedicated partnership with mutual respect for the arrangement. Here follows a statement from the national tile fixing coach and educator Lars Skibdal Schmidt:

“The co-operation with Alfix as main sponsor for the tiling apprentices has worked excellent during the whole time. At every training course and during all the competitions, Alfix has always shown sincere involvement and interest for our activities”.

According to the national coach, the Alfix sponsorship has been an invaluable help to the SKILLS organization in terms of continuous development and improvement of the participants in preparation for national and international championships.

“When looking back at the last ten years’ development within the tile fixing profession at tech colleges throughout the country, we would simply not have been able to participate at international competitions without the sponsorship from Alfix”, tells Lars Skibdal Schmidt and elaborates that the SKILLS organization from the very beginning has used products from Alfix at every training session and competition and with the tile adhesive Alfix Letfix as the absolute favourite choice among the participants. Alfix Letfix excels in a number of properties: Easy to apply, long open time and a minimum of tool cleaning.

“The new and improved Alfix grouts also receive nothing but praise and positive response from the participants, so it has always been easy to persuade any team to use Alfix regardless of their preferences” , concludes the coach.

DM in SKILLS 2021 was held as a somewhat smaller edition of the usual DM because of Covid-19 restrictions. As from 26 - 29th August 2021, TECH COLLEGE Aalborg hosted the national championship for tiling apprentices. Four apprentices from all parts of Denmark competed for the much wanted award.

Meet an Alfix employee – Thomas from the laboratory

Meet an Alfix employee – Thomas from the laboratory

Thomas Westergaard is daily head of the lab, and the experienced Alfix employee would like to tell the following about his everyday work life at Alfix:

- Could you briefly describe your own department and its functions?

“Our department is responsible for an ongoing test procedure of incoming raw materials as well as manufactured products – testing is made alongside the production on a daily basis. The final control of products will ensure that every Alfix product is flawless to all times and meets the standards specified.

- Which assignments are you responsible for as head of the department?

“In close collaboration with my five good colleagues, I plan, organize and control the products in the lab. We do production controls, R&D and follow-ups on complaints.

- When do you experience a particularly good day at work?

“When the production runs as scheduled and the controls confirm the right product properties, we are happy and high spirited – even if we are very busy. A positive vibe and mood spreads all over the factory and everything loosens up, and work becomes easier. And it is nice to receive praise from eg the Sales Dep. if a customer has expressed his satisfaction with a particular product, which I have participated in developing.

Positive responses always boost the motivation. Icing on the cake: If Alfix delivers a lovely cake to accompany the coffee as was the case just recently when we celebrated having reached 1500 LinkedIn followers. I now look forward to achieving 1500 followers on Facebook”.

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