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Alfix wins business award, Den Sydjyske Erhvervspris

Alfix wins business award, Den Sydjyske Erhvervspris

The regional business center, Erhvervhus Sydjylland, in collaboration with the newspaper Jyske Vestkysten, has awarded the South Jutland Business Award "Den Sydjyske Erhvervspris" in the categories: Digitalization, export, and green transition. Alfix was honored with the award in the Green Transition category.

Read more about the awards and the three winners on the Business House South Jutland website: Click here

A sustained effort lies behind
Alfix has for over 20 years continuously worked to implement responsible measures. A sustained effort that has also led to a certification for the global goals, which according to Anders B. Toft is of great importance for Alfix's future development:

"One and a half years ago, we were certified for the global goals by Bureau Veritas. The certification compels us to adhere to our strategically chosen global goals and sub-goals. And to continuously ensure progress in the chosen areas of effort. We cannot just settle for doing the same as we did yesterday or last year – for if we stand still, we go backwards in terms of the points we achieve in connection with the global goals certification."

For reference, see the latest certification report from Bureau Veritas: Click here

Thanks and congratulations
At Alfix, we are filled with pride, gratitude, and humility for having received the award. We send a big thank you to Erhvervshus Sydjylland and Jyske Vestkysten for the recognition and congratulate Caféu and SwipBox on their awards in the categories of digitalization and export.

In the picture, you see CEO Anders B. Toft at the award ceremony, which took place in Vojens on May 2, 2024.

Alfix is nominated for the South Jutland Business Award

Alfix is nominated for the South Jutland Business Award

On May 2nd, the business center Erhvervshus Sydjylland together with the newspaper Jyske Vestkysten will present the South Jutland Business Award, "Den Sydjyske Erhvervspris" in three categories.

15 Southern Danish companies have been nominated for distinguishing themselves in a positive way that can also inspire others. Alfix is nominated for our work with responsible transformation.

At Alfix, we are extremely grateful for this prestigious nomination from the business house of Southern Jutland, Erhvervshus Sydjylland.

Larn more - however in Danish:
Learn more about the award here (Source: Erhvervshus Sydjylland): Click here!
See the nominated companies (Source: Vejle Amts Folkeblad): Click here!



Meet Torben Zederkof, who joined Alfix as head of the technical department on 1 December.

A qualified mason with years of experience from similar positions, Torben brings a solid base of professional expertise and experience to his new role. His decision to join the Alfix team was largely founded on the opportunity to work with the responsible transition in the construction industry.

Why did you accept the offer of a position at Alfix?
I’m impressed with Alfix’s 60-year history of working with high-quality products and professional systems for the construction industry. In addition, I find the company’s responsible profile and dedication to employee well-being highly attractive. As I see it, all these aspects form a stamp of quality for the confidence Alfix strives to engender in customers, partners and employees alike.

The combination of professional technical focus and the opportunity to take responsibility for the day-to-day management of a technical department staffed by experienced and highly competent colleagues tipped the balance and led me to accept the position.

What tasks will you be handling in the technical team?
Alfix’s technical department serves as a backup for our sales consultants. We are a dynamic team and we genuinely enjoy working together to tackle challenging assignments and provide the best possible advice. We’re happy to pull on our work clothes, test the different products and devote ourselves to finding solutions to challenges for our customers, who have confidence in the service – and, in particular, the responsibility and workmanship – that Alfix is rightly famous for delivering.

Why did you choose Torben for the job?
Frank Pingel, Development Manager, fields this question:
Torben’s broad palette of skills and service-minded approach makes him a valuable colleague and the ideal day-to-day manager of our technical department. I’m convinced that Torben’s experience, background and dedication will make a positive contribution to the technical department and help Alfix stand even stronger in the industry.



Beautiful façade renovation using the classic Alfix DuraPuds 710. The new, all-round repair and levelling render Alfix DuraPuds 650 rapid was also used beneath the clearly defined details on the façade.

This magnificent villa in Kolding, Denmark, features a host of beautiful details that stand as a testament to the dexterity and skill of the mason. The building has recently undergone comprehensive renovation inside and out.

So which product was used to repair the fine details and ensure they once again stand out clearly and beautifully? Alfix DuraPuds 650 rapid was chosen as the repair render because it can be used for repairs and levelling in layers up to 50 mm thick. At the same time, it hardens quickly and is ready for finishing work after just 3–4 hours.

In addition, Alfix DuraPuds 710 thin coat bonding mortar was used for the fine details and finishing work. It is a product than can generally be used as the substrate for finishing render and as a finished top layer.



Alfix is now launching EpoxyFuge 20, which is easier to work with than conventional epoxy tile grouting products. In addition, the new product is ideal for joint widths of up to 20 mm without adding the Epoxy Tix agent.

Tile adhesive and grout in one
Alfix EpoxyFuge 20 is an acid-resistant tile adhesive and grout in a single product. It is ideal for both installing and grouting ceramic, mosaic and quarry tiles.

Benefits of the new grout
EpoxyFuge 20 closely resembles cement-based grout, which has a lighter consistency and is therefore easier and quicker to blend and work with than conventional epoxy grouts. It is precisely to obtain this benefit that we are now launching this new product. In addition, the new grout is easier for craftsmen to wash down, clean and finalise during installation than traditional epoxy grouts. It is ideal for joint widths of up to 20 mm without having to add the Epoxy Tix agent.

Other properties

  • Can withstand high mechanical load
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Joint widths from 1–20 mm
  • Smooth and easy to work with
  • EC1 PLUS labelled (extremely low emissions with regard to interior climate)

Suggested uses for Alfix EpoxyFuge 20

  • Swimming pools
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Workshops, car showrooms and car washes
  • Terraces, stairs and balconies

It is usual to use an Alfix EpoxyFuge 1025 product as an expansion/elastic grout in such environments.

Coloured to match other grouts
Alfix EpoxyFuge 20 is available in titanium grey. The colour has been chosen to match one of Alfix’s cement-based, industrial grouts, IndustryFuge – CeraFill 18 (titanium grey), and the type of expansion/elastic grout that is recommended for use with Alfix EpoxyFuge 20: Alfix EpoxyFuge 1025.

Please note that the new EpoxyFuge 20 replaces the previous C2 Epoxy product, which has been discontinued.

Additional information
Click here to find out more about EpoxyFuge 20: Alfix EpoxyFuge 20

Alfix streamlines work on construction sites with rapid-hardening render

Alfix streamlines work on construction sites with rapid-hardening render

To meet increasing demand for materials and solutions that streamline workflow at the construction site, Alfix is now launching DuraPuds 650 rapid. This rapid-hardening repair and levelling render sets in just three to four hours and can therefore save the mason a lot of time – which is vital in today’s construction industry.

Alfix had very specific parameters in mind when developing their first quick-setting render – the first to be added to its product range.

“The need for investment in construction efficiency is ever-growing. Materials, solutions, methods and advice on and for construction efficiency have never been more in demand and relevant. That’s the backdrop for Alfix’s decision to bring out its first-ever quick-setting plaster. From the mason’s perspective, they want to see the plaster beginning to bond an hour into the setting process. The product we have created is very efficient, but also easy to work with and gives the mason the flexibility they need in their daily working lives,” says Kim Mathiasen, Innovation Manager at Alfix.

Masons factored in
Alfix DuraPuds 650 rapid has been developed specifically with repairs to masonry, both internal and external, in mind. It was felt that the need was greatest in this area.

“We consulted with those involved on-site, and involved them from the very start. We obtained feedback to make sure that the products would have the right properties and qualities,” Mathiasen tells us, continuing:
“The masons were really enthusiastic about the product as a substitute for the cement mortar, which they tend to mix themselves on-site. The speed of it is the most important factor, as it can put them a day ahead in their work. We also received positive feedback about the product’s strong adhesive properties, and the fact that it has the same hardening time regardless of whether you use 10, 25 or 50 mm of render.
The render is also shrinkage-compensated, which reduces the likelihood of tearing, scratches and cracking,
regardless of the thickness of the layer.

“Despite the emphasis on efficiency with our new render, it doesn’t mean we have compromised - it still has the strong technical properties that all Alfix products have,” the Alfix Innovation Manager confirms.
Efficiency, quality and technique

The quick-setting plaster is perfect for jobs such as repairing walls and embedding cables. Open to diffusion, the flexible plaster can be adjusted easily by the contractor. Its smooth texture makes use of a mortarboard easy. The result of this is a nicely sealed surface that is easy to work with.

“In terms of its application, Alfix DuraPuds 650 rapid will seem familiar to masons; the difference is that, by avoiding having to stand there mixing sand and cement at the construction site, the job will be more efficient, higher quality and improve technique,” Mathiasen explains.
As Alfix DuraPuds 650 rapid sets in just three to five hours, saving the mason a lot of time, Alfix believes that the product will soon become a permanent resident in the mason’s van for use on unforeseen repair and levelling jobs.

“The render is different from other similar products and fills a gap on the market. Our competitors have gone in a different direction and are focusing on optimising trowel technique. We, however, have chosen to focus more on the rendering technique, as we believe this is more beneficial on larger surfaces,” the Innovation Manager finishes.

The first pallets of Alfix DuraPuds 650 rapid have already been produced at the factory in Kolding. As such, the product is ready to take its place at construction sites all around Scandinavia.

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