With the introduction of our new slogan “Responsible Strength”, Alfix pinpoints the number of advantages which we believe our business partners gain by working with our products. With Alfix you and your company will be “injected” with responsible strength – a promise we will do our utmost to keep every day.

Alfix stands for “Responsible strength” in every sense of the word:

  1. Every single Alfix product is characterized by excellent adhesion, high strength and has been undertaken thorough and ongoing testing in our modern in-house laboratory. Further, our sales staff and technical advisors all have the technical skills and expertise needed to give our customers and distributors a safe and professional guidance. We sincerely believe that both products and technical advice have responsible strength
  2. Distributors are guaranteed in-time delivery - every time. We aim to do our very best in terms of demonstrating responsible strength to secure supply and delivery – a deal is a deal and we take pride in keeping our end of the bargain.
  3. Alfix supports and sponsors young Danish tile fixers and the organization Skills Denmark, which arranges the Danish National Championship in skills. Alfix is a GOLD partner with the Danish Red Cross and furthermore, for a number of years, Alfix has worked actively on reducing its environmental impacts. Responsible strength also implies assuming corporate social responsibility.
  4. Finally, Alfix has been given an AAA-rating in credit worthiness – the highest possible credit score. The AAA-rating guarantees a solid and financially sound position. Alfix is a manufacturer and supplier to be counted on in the market for many years to come – a clear indication of responsible financial strength.

Alfix has in all 40 employees - each performing important jobs. We assume responsibility and supply you with the strength required to ensure that your projects or customer advice will succeed.

In order to assure ongoing development and improvement within our organization, Alfix depends on strong and trusting relationships with each and every one of our business partners.
We believe in the synergy emerging from an exchange of “Responsible strength”

– For further information or support please call no +45 7552 90 11 – Our experienced staff will look forward to assisting you.

January 2021

Happy New Year! Team Alfix is back from Christmas holidays and ready to serve our good Scandinavian customers.

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