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Ten years of DuraPuds 710


This year marks the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of our ever-popular DuraPuds 710 (Thin coat bonding mortar). Development in sales of this grey and white Danish mortar has exceeded our wildest dreams, and the steady rise shows no sign of levelling off.

More than a few skilled Danish master masons are now big fans of our popular thin coat bonding mortar. One of them, Master Mason Michael Thomsen from MT BYG, has the following to say: “The 710 is a great universal product for us – it’s really easy to work with. We use it for all kinds of rendering jobs, both indoors and out, and it’s a big plus that we can cover so many areas of use with a single product. The product features two properties I consider particularly important:

  1. The structure of DuraPuds 710 is just about perfect. It’s neither too smooth nor too coarse, and that means a lot to our customers. There are several other well-known rendering products on the market where the finished structure is simply too coarse.
    1. It’s reasonably priced, too.”

The classic Danish bonding mortar garners praise from another master mason, too:

“One of the great strengths of DuraPuds 710 is its workability; the mortar is easy to blend up and the structure of the finished result is right on the money. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s attractively priced. I only use Alfix products for my façade projects – and have done for years,” says Master Mason Daniel Steengaard Buch from Steengaard Byg ApS.

We’ll add our own 710 x thanks here along with a whole-hearted THANK YOU to everyone who supports us as a family-owned Danish company. Your backing means the world to us! The rendering season is upon us again – click here to find out more about our façade render products!

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