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Waste – a valuable resource


At the beginning of 2021, Danish company Alfix entered into a collaboration on the thorough sorting of waste with environmental company Marius Pedersen A/S. This means that a valuable partnership is now underway in Kolding.

Describing the high level of interest in sorting waste that many companies now have, Marius Pedersen’s Environmental Consultant (Business) Jørgen Frederiksen said:

“There has been a significant increase in interest in the last two years. It often starts with companies seeing the potential for financial savings that result from sorting their waste. It is followed by a wish to do something that benefits the local community and the wider world, and fortunately, that’s something that gets a lot of attention now. Companies of all sizes and from a wide range of sectors are now actively involved in sorting waste.”

Describing the new close collaboration with Alfix, Jørgen Frederiksen said:
“We have entered into a close and positive collaboration with Alfix and I have to say that I am impressed by how much waste from Alfix goes to recycling (approx. 93%). The high level of recycling comes from for example, concrete (construction and building waste), which is reused as road fill and in new concrete products for construction work. In just a short time Alfix has created a high level of internal engagement about the subject and achieved fine results. I therefore often use the company as a good example for others.”
Alfix is also very pleased with the collaboration, which matches perfectly with the company’s active sustainability strategy, where both the management and employees work holistically with several parallel initiatives.

“Internally, waste sorting has quickly taken off and we are very satisfied that in just a short space of time we have delivered visible results via the scheme, where we create environmental changes via our sorting at both the factory, our laboratories, canteen and offices,” says Kim Mathiasen, Innovation Manager at Alfix.
There have been visible financial and environmental rewards for Alfix. The results have been possible because of the excellent and close collaboration with Marius Pedersen, which to begin with carried out a kick-off meeting with Alfix employees. According to Kim Mathiasen, this created positive integration among the employees and the ongoing improvement work now includes a digital tool for monitoring and creating inspiration for further improvements.

In the picture is seen Jørgen Frederiksen (to the left) and Kim Mathiasen

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