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Alfix industrial looking floors in social housing associations


In Denmark’s many social housing associations, Alfix design or industrial-looking flooring system may turn a popular choice in terms of practical and wear resistant floorings.

In this housing association in Aalborg, the Alfix system used pleases both the property manager as well as the residents.

The system contains of 3 layers in all: Initially, a slurry contact coat of Alfix PlaneMix 50 levelling compound and PlaneMix Primer. Followed by a levelling layer of PlaneMix 50 and finally, the application of Alfix TopCoat Design, which will close the surface with a matt, transparent and protective finish.

The owner really appreciates the result when interviewed a year after completion of the new flooring.
The basement floor is much easier to vacuum and clean compared to the previous rough and porous concrete floor.

The property management has thus been saved for many hours of extra work. And added to this, the Alfix industrial flooring appears friendlier and brighter – a considerable lift in terms of function and design to the daily delight of the many users of the basement facilities.

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