August 2011


New DuraPuds product

The flexible fibre render – Alfix DuraPuds 810 – has now been added to Alfix’ new popular render range.

DuraPuds 810 is used as a base and reinforcing render on critical substrates requiring special solutions. DuraPuds 810 is ideal to cover cracks thanks to its reliable adhesion and flexibility which reduce the risk of crack formation.

DuraPuds 810 is suited for rendering facade insulation followed by either a finishing render or another top coat.


New name for white tile adhesive

pi0.113 letfix universal

Our well-know Alfix tile adhesive, Universalfix, has been renamed ‘Letfix Universal’.

The new name also involves new packaging as well as significant optimisation of the product to make Letfix Universal more flexible and easier to work with than its predecessor. Like Univeralfix, the new tile adhesive is white and available in light blue bags.

Letfix Universal is used to fix and lay ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, mosaics, natural stones, large-sized tiles and fully vitrified tiles. The tile adhesive is also suited for fixing insulation plates.'


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