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Danish Building Industry Environmental Award and Climate Award


The 2022 Danish Building Industry Awards will be presented this spring, and Alfix has been nominated in two out of four categories.

“We are proud and honoured to have been nominated simultaneously for the Danish Building Industry Environmental Award and Climate Award. We would like to thank the nomination committee for recognising our years of work to promote more sustainable construction at both strategic and operational level,” says a clearly delighted Anders Bertelsen Toft, CCO and co-owner of Alfix.

Environmental Award
Alfix has been nominated for the Danish Building Industry Environmental Award on the basis of its sustainability strategy which, inter alia, defines how the company works actively with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in its everyday operations. Click here to see documentation of Alfix’s collaboration with the Bureau Veritas certification agency: Sustainable Development Goals

Moreover, at the start of 2022, Alfix ratified the UN Global Compact and joined Global Compact Network Denmark – the most significant global initiative for responsible business and the largest network in Denmark for responsible enterprises, respectively. This clearly highlights Alfix’s ambition to work to ensure that sustainability considerations are addressed to a much greater extent, through the use of less environmentally problematic raw materials and other deliverables from the supplier link of the chain. This is without doubt the biggest source of carbon impact, and the company has already spent years reducing the carbon footprint generated at its factory in Kolding, Denmark.

Fully 22 years of work
Alfix’s work to reduce environmental impact and to improve the working environment for employees, customers and end users alike began back in 2000. This was the year in which the company started work on documentation and improvement strategies in the field of the environment and occupational health and safety (OHAS). Alfix’s first environmental report was prepared in partnership with the CSR organisation Green Network, and was published in 2002. Alfix previously won the Danish Building Industry Environmental Award in 2012 and has subsequently been nominated twice for the same award in recognition of new, more sustainable products.

Climate Award
The second nomination is for the DANISH BUILDING INDUSTRY CLIMATE AWARD. In this category, Alfix has been nominated for its new, low-carbon tile adhesive, Alfix ProFix Plus. This product will be launched in April, and the “Plus” suffix refers to added environmental consideration. In addition to its reduced carbon footprint, the product features a range of OHAS benefits for the skilled workers who use it. To find out more, see the following article about ProFix Plus.
Click here to read about Alfix’s journey towards more sustainable construction: Environmental documentation

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