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Danish tile adhesives dressed in red-white colours


The tile adhesives Alfix Profix and Alfix Letfix are true bestsellers within the product range and the two products have therefore been appointed “first movers” in terms of introducing alterations in our packaging design; alterations that will stress the Danish ownership and facilitate recognition. The packaging has been supplied with a small Danish flag along with a product-unique bottom slip, which will make it easier to distinguish one tile adhesive from the other by means of individual colours.

Locally manufactured products with Danish ownership
” In these very weird and unpredictable times, where the demand for local and Danish products sees a remarkably rise, Alfix has chosen to put a small but distinctive logo featuring the national flag on the front of our Alfix Profix and Letfix packaging. This icon tells the story of our Danish background and identity; an identity positively reflected from our customers – not only in Denmark but also throughout Scandinavia”, says Anders Bertelsen Toft, CCO, and 3rd generation of the Alfix family business.

Since its foundation in 1963, Alfix has been owned by the Toft family, and so it will continue to be according the owner family. Eventually, the small Dannebrog logo will lighten up each and every Alfix bag and sack concurrent with the reprint of the packaging.

Individually coloured bottom slip on the Alfix packaging identifies product
Apart from the red-white flag on the packaging, tile fixers, building merchants and other users will now see a blue bottom slip on the Alfix Profix bag and an orange bottom slip on the Alfix Letfix bag. The bottom slip colour is identical with the letter colours used in the product name on the front of the bag. This colour repetition will, hopefully, ease recognition of each Alfix product when stored on pallets or placed in shelves at the builders' merchant or on building sites.

Previously, all Alfix tile adhesive bags were supplied with a white bottom slip with black print. In future, every Alfix tile adhesive will eventually have its own uniquely coloured bottom slip.

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