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A world of difference


Here at Alfix, we like to make a difference. As a family-owned Danish company, we aim to promise and deliver more accountability – and contribute towards something greater than just economic growth in our part of the Scandinavian construction industry. We are making an active contribution towards increasing sustainability in construction for the benefit of current as well as future generations.

As the definition goes, “a world of difference” means making a big difference. And that is our ambition here at Alfix too. We would like to help customers and partners to achieve a higher level of sustainability via our products and systems, which is also why the Alfix vision is worded to reflect that we aim to succeed and inspire in our work – all with the bigger picture in sight. Link to ‘About Alfix’ on the website, where the written vision can be found

Certifying the difference made
The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an ideal framework for the work on sustainability in 2023. We have adopted this framework at Alfix – to make a difference. This has also resulted in Alfix becoming SDG-certified, in autumn 2022. We are doing all this to ensure there is documentation of and progress made on the SDGs. Part of the documentation process has been for accredited certification company Bureau Veritas to audit, evaluate and rate Alfix. This certification process reviews everything from strategic targets to specific product development and factory operations in relation to strategically chosen SDGs and sub-goals at the company.

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This is set to continue until autumn 2025, with Bureau Veritas visiting Alfix again each year to audit them. From a strategic perspective, Alfix is focusing in particular on SDG No. 8: Decent work and economic growth and SDG No. 12: Responsible consumption and production, as it is with these two SDGs that Alfix, in its capacity as a Danish construction material producer, can make the biggest difference and have an impact. It is also working towards three secondary SDGs, rounding off efforts to take a holistic and proactive approach to more sustainability at the company.

A Danish manufacturer in a country that makes a difference
With the SDGs safely in the Alfix toolbox, we now turn our attention to the country which, although small, is still making a big difference. Alfix was founded in Kolding, Denmark, almost 60 years ago and remains family-owned and 100% Danish.

We are proud of our position, and maintain a close proximity to construction sites in Scandinavia at all times. That proximity is both physical and mental. There isn’t much distance between the Alfix factory in Kolding and the tradesmen, which is a plus for the overall climate balance of the construction projects, given the many pallets of building materials that need to be transported.
This desire for local on the Scandinavian market makes a difference and means ‘less-travelled kilometres’, i.e. with the manufacturer at a short distance from many of the distributors and construction sites.

Alfix is 100% Danish-owned, with its factory and facilities all located in Kolding. We believe that this in particular makes a difference when it comes to meeting the demand for innovative products suitable for their market. This also ties in with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and documentation; after all, sustainability is essential to demand on the Scandinavian markets. That’s why sustainability is such an important factor at Alfix, and has a major role to play in all of our activities. This includes having a major bearing on product development, as well as being a determining factor when it comes to prioritising certain types of products to launch on the market. Over the past year, we have introduced a total of three ‘Plus products’. Alfix Plus products are premium products with a higher level of sustainability woven into their core: everything from optimised and more sustainable raw materials to more sustainable packaging, in other words.

Experience the difference
For everyone at Team Alfix, the ambition is the same: for our customers and partners to notice the difference in their experience with us.

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