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From quality control to candlesticks


Residual products can be given a new lease of life in projects large and small. Here is one of the more creative innovations that lit up a reception we held recently. Other residual products are repurposed and used as road aggregate, for example.

A candlestick is more than just a candlestick. The candlestick shown here is also a residual product from a quality check of a self-levelling compound. More specifically, it is a leftover piece of Alfix PlaneMix 50, which is typically used for smoothing and levelling floors.

Every day, the Alfix laboratory performs a range of quality checks on products as a part of our comprehensive quality management programme. The checks naturally result in some product leftovers, which can be put to creative uses. Over the years, the lab has created a parliament of owls, a polar bear and a range of candlesticks in various shapes and sizes, all made of filler.

From creative leftovers to tons of waste
Coming back to the candlestick: it and around 40 clones were made for a reception in October where we bid farewell to Søren Heiwald, sales consultant and mason, who was with us at Alfix for more than 32 years. The candlesticks were highly decorative, but in the great scheme of leftover products, they barely move the needle. The amounts of residual product from the laboratory are tiny compared with those stemming from the production department.

The residual waste from Alfix’s production processes is sorted and recycled to a high level of reuse in partnership with the environmental company Marius Pedersen. We operate a comprehensive waste sorting system and reuse as much as we possibly can. You can find out more about Alfix’s working relationship with Marius Pedersen here!

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