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Why is Alfix on the ‘Børsen Sustainable Case'


In June 2022, ‘Børsen Bæredygtig’ in Denmark presented its ‘Børsen Sustainable Cases’, highlighting 50 innovative and green projects currently underway in Danish industry. Alfix’s case has been summed up with a header which translates from the Danish as: ‘Alfix reduces its tile adhesive carbon footprint’. The point of the exercise and Alfix’s own ‘Case’ is to replicate the company’s bestselling product, but in a version with reduced CO2.

This has led to the company launching the Alfix ProFix Plus tile adhesive, an upgraded version with a CO2 footprint 27 percent less than the standard Alfix ProFix.

Raw material scrutiny under a green magnifying glass
Production of raw materials and all related transport accounts for more than 98 percent of the entire impact of CO2 from construction chemical products. As this is also how it works generally at Alfix, it makes sense, as well as being necessary, for us as a company to focus on the carbon footprint of raw materials and take sustainability work in our sector seriously.

The process of creating the new, reduced-CO2 product saw us rethinking the composition of raw materials so that we would use raw materials with the least impact on the climate as possible. In other words, materials such as reduced CO2 cement, synthetic material made from bio-based polymer and light fillers that were created by nature from extinct European volcanoes. The natural light filler also helps to ensure a good spreading capacity.

The product’s improved consumption of resources, meanwhile, is supported by a new type of bag packaging based on FSC-certified paper and an internal plastic film made from 100% recycled plastic. Dust reduction has also been achieved here by using a completely new technology that cuts consumption of the otherwise commonly used oil by more than 90%. The product’s Nordic Swan label and Emicode EC1 Plus are documented evidence that it has a minimal impact on the indoor environment in homes.

Being a ‘green gazelle’ a source of pride
Every year ‘Børsen’ in Denmark honours the gazelle companies that are driving growth and innovation. One of the ideas behind the ‘Børsen Bæredygtige Cases’ (sustainability cases) is to honour the many green initiatives taking place across different industries on exactly the same basis.

Fifty cases have been selected by the Børsen Bæredygtig editorial team in close consultation with analysis agency Wilke and an advisory board of sustainability specialists from the business community. The initiative is intended to contribute to the change in culture which, according to those taking the initiative, is expected to define the degree of sustainability.

Here at Alfix, we are proud and also grateful to have been chosen as one of the first ‘green gazelles’. This is helping to make 2022 a year to be proud of, all in all. After all, this year has also seen Alfix being nominated for ‘Company of the Year’ by Business Kolding (click here for why), for the Danish Building Industry’s Climate Award and ‘Danish Construction Centres’ (Danske Byggecentre) Environmental Award, the latter of which we won.

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