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Invitation – join the green transition


Alfix has boosted its sustainable initiatives and invites builders’ merchants, craftsmen and other players within the building trade to join the journey.

As from 1. December 2020, Alfix switched to eco-friendly biomethane for the operation of the factory in Kolding. A deliberate choice which will entail a significant 10% reduction in the total CO2 emission of the plant. About the latest green initiative, Anders Bertelsen Toft (CCO) elaborates:

“The transition to biomethane is the latest initiative in our long-term sustainable strategy. Biomethane is a climate friendly and CO2 neutral energy source produced from organic fertilizer and organic household waste, a.o. The green Alfix strategy also includes the implementation of an extensive waste segregation and the use of 100% green power, which exclusively has been generated from renewable and CO2 neutral energy”.

EPDs, DGNB and the Nordic Eco-label
Today, Alfix has launched Environmental Product Declarations (EDP) for more than 60 products, and the majority of these products comply with an overall sustainable profile enabling use for eco-labeled and DGNB certified building projects. The demand for certified green systems has seen a significant rise within the last couple of years, and this market tendency seems to continue.

”Our sustainable initiatives come straight from the heart – the right and only thing to do as a manufacturer of building materials. Fortunately, our customers approve of the transition and consider a co-operation with Alfix a possibility to turn green. Together, we can make a difference. We are, hence, very pleased to learn that many merchants, specifiers, craftsmen and end users now have acknowledged the importance of sustainable construction”, Anders Bertelsen Toft says.

The Alfix slogan is Responsible Strength, and the company vision is to create assurance for its customers. A long-standing and lasting slogan and vision. For that reason and as a locally founded Danish manufacturer, Alfix should be at the forefront when it comes to responsible building, obviously.
”We owe it to society in general and to future generations in particular” the CCO concludes.

Read more about our green activities here

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