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Meet an authentic “Alfixer” – Alf from Sales in Denmark


Tell us a bit about your department and your assignments:

"I work in the sales department as a mason consultant with district responsibility for Zealand and the other islands. My job puts me in touch with my customers – building supply stores and firms of masons – on a daily basis. I live in central Zealand, where I have a home office so I can stay in close contact with my Alfix colleagues in Kolding, particularly our technical department."

What are your tasks, specifically?

"My day usually starts with me answering some technical questions on the phone.
I work closely with a number of masons, and I often meet them out on the construction sites where we can have a good chat about our products and systems. I sometimes act as a sounding board for the master masons, where we may head out together to inspect a façade assignment, for example. Working together, we come up with the optimal solution that provides the best result for both the mason and the building owner/the end customer.
At the same time, I have to visit the building supplies stores in the district. Here, my task is to help the employees out by answering their technical questions, and I also present our product range to the staff and explain the benefits of Alfix products to them. There are also a number of trade fairs for skilled workers in my district, which I’m happy to attend.
Other “duties” can include setting up after-work events for masons, where the skilled craftsmen can come and try new Alfix products."

What makes for a particularly good day at work?

"I feel that I’ve had a really good day at work when we’ve helped our customers find the optimal solution and achieved an excellent result together."

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