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Meet an authentic “Alfixer” – Michael from production


A member of the Alfix production staff, Michael Valentin has been with the company since January 1998; he is an old hand at the Kolding factory, running tasks on one of three machines that make powder products. This is how he describes his work assignments:

“As a process operator on our Yellow machine, it’s my job to produce finished goods for our warehouse, which then takes care of the onward delivery. There’s a production plan, updated daily, that explains what we are to make that day. As Alfix can run products on the basis of customer requests, the plan is always flexible. We can switch products on the machine at extremely short notice, so my working day is often exciting and challenging. Another of my responsibilities as process operator is to take care of maintaining the machine, so I need to be good with my hands as well.”

_-What makes for a particularly good day at work?

“It starts when you arrive at work in the morning and everyone is happy to see you. And when the machine is running smoothly so we can meet the targets for the products our customers have ordered – all delivered on time, of course,” says Michael Valentin with a smile.

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