October 2014


Alfix M-Silicon – a new, greener formulation

The highly elastic Alfix M-Silicon sealant is now based on a new and more eco-friendly formulation.

The packaging itself has also been redesigned – signalling to retailers and tradesmen that the product is new and updated. The image on the front of the cartridges states "NEW PRODUCT FORMULATION".

As well as being more eco-friendly, the new M-Silicon differs from the original version by offering a softer consistency, which facilitates application. The surface also appears less glossy for a better match with Alfix CeraFill grouts. Further, workability has been altered as the sealant is now very easy to smooth when finishing the surface.

The change in formulation implies that new and old M-Silicon cartridges should not find use within the same project for adjoining, continuous joints, whereas application on eg separate walls will not entail visible colour variations.

These M-Silicon colours are currently being replaced: pale grey, grey, black grey, steel grey, anthracite, and brilliant white.

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