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ProFix Plus – Denmark’s first Swan-labelled tile adhesive

Alfix is now ready to launch a new, low-carbon tile adhesive, which will be the first in Denmark to bear the prestigious Swan label. Alfix ProFix Plus features a carbon footprint that is 27 percent lower than that of the well-known Alfix ProFix tile adhesive.

Sustainability through and through – a real plus for more sustainable construction
In comparable cement-based construction materials, the ingredients themselves account for 98 percent of the total carbon footprint, so there are clear environmental gains to be made by rethinking the choice of raw material.

In addition to using low-carbon cement, Alfix ProFix Plus features bio-based synthetic polymer and a natural light filler that translates into extended coverage. In fact, an 18 kg sack can cover the same area as a 25 kg sack of conventional tile adhesive. As if that were not enough, Alfix ProFix Plus is supplied in eco-friendly packaging featuring a new type of sack based on FSC-certified paper, with the inner film consisting of 100 percent recycled plastic. This helps cut carbon emissions from the packaging by 90 percent in relation to the current Alfix sack.

“We’ve focused on improved resource consumption in every area of the development of our new tile adhesive, which represents a more sustainable option through and through. Not only that, but Alfix ProFix Plus has been awarded both the Swan label and the EMICODE ECI PLUS label, which documents a minimal effect on the indoor climate, as well as suitability for use in DGNB-certified construction,” relates Kim Mathiasen, Innovation Manager at Alfix. He continues:

“Alfix ProFix Plus features a range of more sustainable properties that can help reduce the climate footprint of future constructions. It is for precisely this reason that the solution has been nominated for the 2022 Danish Building Industry Climate Award. We see this as a huge pat on the back, because it is well known that this award is presented to construction materials with a documented and significant low-carbon effect.”

New and more sustainable technology helps cut down on dust
The new tile adhesive is a low-dust solution, too, which helps improve the working environment. Dust reduction has been achieved here by using a completely new technology that cuts consumption of the otherwise commonly used oil by more than 90 percent.

Even though Alfix ProFix Plus has a carbon footprint that is more than a quarter lower than that of Alfix ProFix, the solution still provides the same, reliable technical properties. The biggest difference is the colour of the product, which is due to the low-carbon cement used in its preparation, as Kim Mathiasen explains:

“The strong technical properties that distinguish Alfix ProFix have been retained in full in the new ‘plus’ version. This means you can be sure of an efficient, versatile solution that is approved for wet rooms and for underfloor heating as well. The light, fluid consistency makes the product easy to blend and to work with, and just like Alfix ProFix, it is suitable for foot traffic the next day in most cases. It is easy to apply and has a long open time, which makes it ideal for all kinds of tasks both indoors and out.”

Alfix ProFix Plus is suitable for both walls and floors, as well as for large format and Porcellanato tiles. It has a long yield per square metre in layer thicknesses up to 10 mm.

The tile adhesive will be launched in April 2022.

Click here to learn more about the product: Alfix ProFix Plus

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