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Danish red and white in the blue swimming pool wate


It is no secret that the building sector is experiencing a boom in activity and ongoing projects. This also extends to the construction of many new swimming pools and various renovation projects – all made possible by Danish Alfix.

A lot exciting swimming pools are being built for private clients at the moment due to factors including the ongoing restrictions on travel and the fact that many people in Denmark have some spare cash in their pockets from extra holiday pay, free equity in their homes, etc.

From the Alfix perspective, however, the large public-sector pool projects are the ones that take up the most space volume-wise and in relation to the important associated guidance.

“Alfix has more than 45 years of experience in building swimming pools in Scandinavia. We have developed materials specifically for swimming pools and our painstaking approach to products, systems and guidance alike stems from a clear ambition to show responsibility in relation to both construction financing and the development of durable, sustainable solutions,” explains Carsten Schultz, Technical Manager at Alfix and a specialist in swimming pools.

Carsten originally trained as a mason and a building designer, and according to him, swimming pool construction is often a matter of public sector funding. In this regard, it is essential that the contractors and craftsmen are fully familiar with the special requirements that apply to the choice of materials. Alfix not only supplies construction materials, but also provides advice and guidance in building pools that require only minimal maintenance, while generating plenty of great experiences for their users.

Asked about Alfix’s role before, during and after these often complex construction projects, he replies:

“At the end of the day, we see our role as building bridges between the different professional contracts so that everyone is speaking the same language before the work even starts. This is the best way to guard against costly misunderstandings.”

Alfix is also represented at Trongårdsskolen school in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen. Here the Danish Alfix products are being used in a 25-metre pool, in the bare foot area and in the changing facilities. Rambøll is the consultant, JDN Entreprise A/S is the chief contractor, and CC-Fliser is company performing the actual masonry work.

Alfix products used in the project: PlaneMix S40 (Pool and concrete repair mortar), PlaneMix 100 (Fast-setting screeding mortar), Epoxy Primer, Epoxy Membrane, ProFix flexible tile adhesive, FlexBinder, C2 Epoxy (Acid-resistant grout and tile adhesive) and IndustryFuge CeraFill 18. Click here to find out more about our pool systems

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