Alfix was established in 1963 by Hans Carstensen Toft (1916-2003) and remains a family owned Danish company.


H.C. Toft worked on the basis of many years of experience with sales to suppliers of the building and construction industry, and latest as a representative with a wholesaler within ceramic tile manufacture. Over the years he paid a large number of visits to especially German tile manufacturers providing him with very valuable contacts to researchers and profound knowledge of the manufacturing process itself. Complaints about cracked and miscoloured tiles were often made, but further investigation usually revealed that the mortar in use, being a home-made mixture of sand and cement, was in fact causing the failures and not the tiles as assumed so far by the majority of professionals.
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alfix hctoft

1960´s: H.C. Toft investigated alternative raw materials in order to obtain a stronger and more durable product. The result was a powder-based adhesive on the basis of white Portland cement. The formula was unique and was patented in Denmark and named Alfix universal mortar. The formula has been constantly altered and improved and, today the product is marketed under the name Alfix - Letfix Universal. Unique is also the name Alfix, which is a registered trade mark in a number of countries. The name derives from the English words “all” and “fix” – fix all

alfix fabrik sonebjerg

1960´s: Already well ahead of 1963, H.C. Toft had an idea or invention for the building industry, namely a patented plastic wall tie, which brought him in contact with the plastics manufacturer K.G. Kristiansen. By the time H.C. Toft had the Alfix formula ready, a 50/50 partnership was established and the company of Toft & Kristiansen was founded on 1st May 1963 with premises on Haderslevvej 100 in Kolding where KG Plast already was located. Here, in a basement, the very first Alfix products were manufactured. Soon premises proved too small and production facilities were moved to Bramdrupdam situated on the outskirts of Kolding.

alfix fabrik 1970

1970´s: Alfix relocated to a new-built factory at its current address: H.C. Ørstedsvej 13, 6000 Kolding.

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In 1976 H.C. Toft and K.G. Kristiansen agreed on ceasing the partnership allowing H.C. Toft to gain full ownership over the company where after he changed the name into H.C. Toft A/S. In the same year, a member from the younger Toft generation entered the company, and Torben Toft took over his father’s obligations within sales.

historie tct hct

1980´s: 1984 saw a generational change as T.C. Toft took over the company and now changed the name into Alfix – H.C. Toft ApS – in daily speech simply Alfix. The organization was modernized and grew to include laboratory, technical services department, administration, as well as a purchasing and sales department.

historie udstilling

1990´s: 1996 Alfix was turned into a limited company, and hereafter the name has been Alfix A/S. Focus and efforts were to a higher extent turned towards product development and innovation, customer related services and technical support, and finally exports.

alfix fabrik nord

2000: The Alfix factory at the beginning of the new millennium presenting contemporary production equipment and storage facilities in Kolding.

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Today’s Alfix appears professional and competitive having 40 employees in total and being engaged in a number of functions in laboratory, technical services dept., production, storage, sales, and administration.

August 2019

Alfix CeraFill 10 colour Universal grout has been improved, and its name is now being changed to UniversalFuge - CeraFill 10.


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