Bottom profile Flex

Bottom profile Flex

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Plastic angle profile with stop profile and reinforcement netting for installation on façade insulation
together with Alfix starting angle - Flex. For installation in Alfix DuraPuds 810 as a finish along the edge of
the foundations. Requires 20 mm overlap.
Ensures water is led away from the surface and prevents capillary suction.
Provides an elegant footing and finish with the foundations.
Render layer thickness: 6 - 8 mm
Size: 60 x 100 mm
Length: 2 m (Alfix product no. 8608 or 8615)
Quantity per pack: 25 pcs

August 2019

Alfix CeraFill 10 colour Universal grout has been improved, and its name is now being changed to UniversalFuge - CeraFill 10.


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