DuraDec cement

DuraDec cement

Cement-based paint for facades

For paint treatment of mineral surfaces such as bricks, light weight concrete, concrete, and rendering. Suitable for mortar washed brickwork.

  • For interior and exterior use
  • Breathable surface – diffusion open
  • Excellent coverage
  • Easy mixing – add only water
  • Ensures a strong and durable surface finish
  • Protects from driving rain
  • Exposure class MX 4

Product calculator

Product facts


Cement-based powder. Polymer modified. Added UV light resistant pigments.


Available in white.


Approx. 20-40 m²



10 kg plastic bucket containing 2x5 kg bags



Exterior work with cement paint should only take place in dry weather at temperatures ranging between +10 C - +25 C. Avoid painting in direct sunlight. Plan work according to the sun to ensure that paint is exclusively applied in the shade. Avoid painting on a hot surface. Accurate and uniform water dosage is essential to obtain a good result.
Cover up windows, etc to protect from splashes before commencing work.

Expected Result



Surface preparation

Fixing dowels





Tile fixing

Tile fixing


Water vapour diffusion


Technical data

Working temperature

+10°C - +25°C


1.6 kg/ litre (mixed with water)

Working time

2-3 timer at +20°C

Water vapour diffusion

Z-value/ µ-value: ≤ 15

Drying time, dust dry

24 hours at min. +15°C

Exposure class

MX 4 (Exposed to salt saturated air or seawater)

Fully cured/ready to receive further treatment

7 days at min. +15°C

Shelf life

Min. 24 months in unopened packaging

How to use


Soft moulded bricks, 1- 4 months.
Rendered and mortar washed brickwork, 7 days.
Concrete, 14 days.
Light-weight concrete slabs.
Cement-painted surfaces.

For further information, please consult our Technical Services Dept

Surface preparation

Surfaces should be dimensionally stable. Prior to painting, the surface should be clean from dust, loose particles, adhesive residues, grease, salt, fouling and other contaminations. Brickwork should be fully cured and dry. Pre-wet dry and absorbent surfaces.
For the best result, ensure that the surface has an even absorbency – otherwise colour differences may occur in the final appearance.
For very absorbent surfaces or surfaces with uneven absorbency, apply Alfix PlaneMixPrimer diluted with water in the proportion 1:6.

How to use

1. Measure approx. 3.3 liters of clean water per 5 kg bag
2. Pour the water into the mixing bucket
3. Sprinkle in powder while stirring and mix until the mixture is lump-free
Leave to rest for a few minutes and restir briefly before use.
Alfix DuraDec cement should be applied as 2 subsequent coats using brush, broom, or thick-nap roller. Working time after mixing is 2-3 hours. Allow the first coat to dry min. 24 hours before applying the second coat.
To avoid visible seams, apply paint using wet on wet technique and finish each wall surface in one ongoing working process.
For a coarser and more rustic finish, add 1–4 kg kiln-dried quartz sand, grain size 0-4 mm.

Do not add further water to a paint mixture already starting to set.
If rainy weather or temperatures below +10°C are forecast, cover surfaces. Avoid exterior painting during the winter season.


Clean residues from Alfix DuraDec from tools before the paint sets. Cement-based products harden when mixed with water; hence do not pour surplus material into the drain system. As paint based on cement powder is highly alkaline, protect adjoining surfaces, such as windows, from staining.

August 2019

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