Acoustic PS3 - Recycled

Acoustic PS3 - Recycled

Agglomerated cork and recycled rubber underlay for impact noise and thermal insulation

  • Underlay for all types of floorings
  • For application directly beneath top flooring
  • Impact noise reduction of up to 19 d
  • Installation thickness 3-4 mm
  • Suitable for wet and dry rooms
  • Highly suitable beneath ceramic tiles and natural stone
  • For offices, public locations, housing and stairs
  • High compressive strength and resilience
  • Deflects substrate movements
  • Made from 100% recycled rubber and natural cork


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Product facts


Fine recycled rubber granules and cork with PU (polyurethane) elastomer bonding agent.
Supplied in 10 m rolls.
Width: 1 m. Thickness: 3 mm.
Weight: Approx. 22 kg per roll




Covers approx. 10 m²/roll.


19 rolls per pallet.



Expected Result



Surface preparation

Fixing dowels





Tile fixing

Tile fixing


Testet in highly accredited institute for impact noise and thermal insulation properties according to ISO 10140
-1 and 3 and ISO 717-2 standards.
Indoor Air Comfort® Passed


Technical data

Acoustical results - Impact noise reduction - 3 mm

ΔLW = 16 dB with ceramic tiles

EN ISO 140-8) (ISO 10140-1) (ISO 717-2)

ΔLW = 19 dB with laminate

EN ISO 140-8) (ISO 10140-1) (ISO 717-2)

ΔLW = 16 dB with glued down wood

EN ISO 140-8) (ISO 10140-1) (ISO 717-2)

ΔLW = 19 dB with LVT flooring

The above values are based on laboratory tests and determined according to DIN EN ISO 140-8 standards,which serve as guiding values. Actual effect and performance will determine on the specific construction and flooring. On site values can be determined by means of trial installation and measuring.

Approx. 600-700 kg/m³




Should be stored in a dry location at constant temperature.

How to use


Concrete with or without underfloor heating, existing tiles and terrazzo.
Use as bonded or floating coating on screed.
For further information or details, please contact our Technical Services Dept.

Surface preparation

The surface should be dimensionally stable, sound, clean and free from dust and laitance. For surfaces requiring bonded coating, broom or brush the surface with a mixture of Alfix PlaneMixPrimer and Alfix PlaneMix 100 in the ratio 1:1.
Apply the mixture thoroughly by use of brush or broom and work it well into the surface.
Do not allow the slurry to dry before further treatment.
Ensure a room temperature of min. +10°C.

How to use

Unpack, roll out and cut Alfix Acoustic PS3 Recycled to desired length and install directly onto substrate. Around pipes, ducts and where wall abuts floor, it is recommended to apply Alfix strip to avoid lateral propagation of impact noise.
Installation of Alfix Acoustic PS3 Recycled.
For bonding use Alfix 1K Sealing membrane or Alfix 2K Sealing membrane.
Apply Sealing membrane with short nap roller to a thin, even layer or alternatively use trowel.
Press the acoustic underlay carefully into position in a newly applied coat of sealing membrane. Use straight trowel or barrel. Avoid folds, voids or gaps.
Coverage of sealing membrane: Approx 0.5 kg/m².

Upon installation, use Sealing membrane for closing and sealing of joints and gaps.
Min. drying time at +20°C prior to tile fixing:
Alfix 1K Sealing membrane: Min. 12 hours.
Alfix 2K Sealing membrane: Min. 6 hours.


Top floorings of wood, laminate and LVT
Glue and fix directly onto Alfix Acoustic PS3 Recycled in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


Water proofing
When used in wet rooms, tanking is always required and hence, apply Alfix 1K Sealing membrane or Alfix 2K Sealing membrane onto Acoustic PS3 - Recycled.


Tile fixing
Fix tiles using a flexible tile adhesive, such as Alfix CombiQuickFix or Alfix ProFix. For compatibility, test product on limited trial area.


Tile sizes
Min. tile size is 10 x 10 cm. Min. thickness of ceramic tiles: 9 mm. Natural stone: 15 mm.


For grouting, use Alfix UniversalFuge CeraFill 10 or Alfix QuickFuge Premium 8.
For sealing of pipe penetrations and movement joints where wall abuts floor, use Alfix M-Silicon.
Any expansion or movement from the substrate should always be upwards directed and into the flooring.


Tools and tiles should be cleaned with water before the mortar sets.
Cement-based products harden when mixed with water, hence do not pour surplus PlaneMix into the drain system.

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