PlaneMix 80 cement

PlaneMix 80 cement

Rapid setting cement for screeds

  • To be mixed with sand / fine gravel in the ratio 1:4
  • Screeding mortar for floors onto joisted timber, concrete, or terrazzo
  • For bonded or floating screeds and subfloor repairs.
  • For interior use
  • Suitable for wet rooms
  • Foot traffic after 4-5 hours
  • Ready to receive dense coverings after 24 hours
  • Ideal for rapid preparation of subfloor
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Thickness: 20 - 80 mm


Product facts


Grey, fast-setting, polymer modified cement-based powder.
Applicable by trowel.




Approx. 340 kg per m3


Thickness in mm
Kg pr. m²
20 mm
approx. 7
50 mm
approx. 17
80 mm
approx. 27


Available in 18 kg PE lined paper bags.



Expected Result



Surface preparation

Fixing dowels





Tile fixing

Tile fixing



Technical data

Working temperature

+10°C - +25°C


1,9 kg/litre (mixed with water)

Working time

Approx. 1-2 hours at +20°C

Foot traffic

After 4-5 hours at +20°C

Full strength

After 7 days at +20°C

Compression strength, 28 days

40 - 45 N/mm²

Bending tensile strength

5 - 7 N/mm²


Cohesion strength approx. 1.5 N/mm²

Shelf life

Min. 6 months in unopened bag

How to use


Wooden floor constructions onto existing timber joist systems in areas up to 6 m². Joist spacing: 600 mm.
Concrete with or without underfloor heating, existing tiles, or terrazzo for bonded or floating coating on screeds.

Surface preparation

The surface should be dimensionally stable, sound, clean and free from dust and laitance. For application on timber joisting apply rigid/hard insulation between joists and provide floating coat consisting of 2 layers of geotextile. Subsequently install reinforcement mesh, diameter 6 mm. For surfaces requiring bonded coating, broom or brush the surface with a mixture of Alfix PlaneMix 80 Cement and sand 0-4 mm in the ratio 1:4 added and mixed with Alfix PlaneMixPrimer in the ratio 0.3 l primer per kg powder.
Apply the mixture thoroughly by use of brush or broom and work it well into the surface.
Do not allow the slurry to dry before further treatment.
Ensure a room temperature of min. +10°C.

How to use

Add 18 kg PlaneMix 80 cement with 72 kg sand, grain size 0-4 mm and 4,5-8 l water depending on sand moisture content.
Use large mixing container, drum, paddle stirrer or electric drill and mix thoroughly for approx. 2 minutes until a semi-dry consistency is obtained.
Lay out PlaneMix 80 wet-on-wet onto the brushed surface and spread evenly. Upon compaction, level and render the surface by use of smoothing board/straight edge.
If necessary, steel trowel the surface until it appears smooth and closed. Application, rendering and trowelling should be done in one, ongoing work operation. Do not work over larger areas than can be completed within the 1-2 hours working time stated.
Min. bed thickness – bonded screed on concrete: approx. 20 mm.
Min. bed thickness – floating screed: approx. 40 mm.

Additional water should not be added to screeding mortar already starting to set.
Note that the temperature of mixing water will influence working time/pot life.
Over dosage of water will reduce strength and may cause crack formation.
Switch off any underfloor heating and allow 7 days before switching heating back on.
Application in wet rooms requires subsequent tanking with sealing membrane.
Tanking and tiling: 5-6 hours at +20°C
Dense coverings: 24 hours at +20°C
Use Alfix PlaneMix S8 rapid or alternatively Alfix PlaneMix S12 rapid after 5-6 hours.


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