Admix for Planemix levelling compounds

To be used as admix in Alfix levelling compounds to obtain higher elasticity and deformability on unstable or critical substrates.

  • For interior use in dry rooms
  • Adds flexibility
  • For slurry coating on dense surfaces
  • Improves surface toughness and wearability
  • Low emission

Product facts


Polymer dispersion added green tracer.




Used as admix: Approx. 0.08 litre PlaneMixBinder per kg powder corresponding to 1.6 litres of PlaneMixBinder per 20 kg PlaneMix.


Dosage/Mixing ratio
PlaneMix 10
Add 1.6 litres of PlaneMixBinder + 4.2 litres of water per 20 kg
PlaneMix 20
Add 1.6 litres of PlaneMixBinder + 3.6 litres of water per 20 kg
PlaneMix 50
Add 1.6 litres of PlaneMixBinder + 2.6 litres of water per 20 kg


For slurry coating: approx. 0.3 litres of concentrated PlaneMixBinder per m².


Available in 10 litres plastic container.



Expected Result



Surface preparation

Fixing dowels





Tile fixing

Tile fixing


Det Norske Veritas AS:
Annex A.1, item No. A.1/3.1 “Primary deck coverings”
Identification number: 0575


Technical data

Working temperature

Minst +10°C


1.0 kg/litre (mixed with water)

Shelf life

Min. 12 months in unopened bag

How to use


Substrates of concrete
Ceramic tiles, terrazzo
Timber floors
Vinyl and similar floorings
For further information and details, please contact our Service technical department.

Surface preparation

The surface should be dimensionally stable, sound, and clean. Free from laitance, grease, and dust.
Concrete surfaces should be primed with PlaneMixPrimer diluted with water 1:3
On dense surfaces, apply contact layer of Alfix PlaneMixBinder and PlaneMix mixed 1:2. Alternatively, apply Alfix Epoxy Primer scattered with sand.
For priming of other surfaces, please contact our Service technical department.
Ensure a working temperature of min. +10°C.

How to use

Pour water and PlaneMixBinder into a clean container and mix until the binder has been evenly diluted. Sprinkle in powder while stirring continuously. If possible, use large mixing container or drum for more bags at a time and mix until a lump-free, easy-flowing mix is obtained.


Addition of PlaneMixBinder to levelling compound requires that the original recommendable amount of water is reduced in accordance with the table shown in the above under the section: coverage. Addition of PlaneMixbinder to a levelling compound entails prolonged curing and a slight reduction in flow ability.
Should levelling imply several layers, priming before each new application is required. For very absorbent surfaces, extra priming may be required.


Cleaning Tools and tiles should be cleaned with water before the compound sets.
Cement-based products harden when mixed with water, hence do not pour surplus PlaneMix into the drain system.

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